The spellbook from Eric Northman


A bard of some renown, Eric Northman, who had fought in the Dragonspear Castle war, sold Alexjo a spellbook that his friend carried. A hefty 800gp and one of Romsh’s wheellock “horse pistols”, but it is a good spellbook by Alexjo’s reckoning. Like the other spellbooks, it is kept in Romsh’s Hold. Eric Northman is a frequent traveler between Luskan, Waterdeep, and the Trade Way during the merchant season. He winters far south in whatever Amnian merchant’s estate will have him.

1st level: Read magic, Magic missile, Color spray, Charm person, Detect magic
2nd level: Melf’s acid arrow, Stinking cloud, Vocalize (Complete Wizard)
27 blank pages left.


The spellbook from Eric Northman

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