Ievos's spellbook


Ievos’s spellbook is written in Elven, and includes magical notes and arcana lending some awareness to his particular school knowledge of an arcane form of healing magic. This form of magic can only be taught by a master of the fifth order (9th lvl) or greater, and would require 2 nwp spots dedicated to the purpose by the student.

Taken from paper crafted with ancient, naturally fallen trees from the realm of Cormanthor, and penned in sap from the yearly gathering of the Faerunian Elven tree of life, this book was a gift to Ievos from his mentor. It is bark covered, and woven with fine chain of mithril that has been bound with leather to soften it against the bark.
1st lvl:
Cure light wounds (Special school spell)
Detect magic
Mage armor
Magic missile
Read magic
Turn undead* (Moon elf spell)
Find familiar
Charm person
Feather fall
Chromatic orb
Protection from hunger and thirst

2nd lvl:
Mirror image
Cure moderate wounds*

17 free pages, 100gp value each.


Ievos's spellbook

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