the Final Countdown

The Progress in Rom Hold, pt 1

Romsh’s stewart approaches him, days after the return from Illefarn, and Romsh’s training under Duke Pwyll’s cavalier captain of the guard. The ennoblement ceremony finally was finished, in a half-rebuilt hall of the Duke of Daggerford, and the Daggerford people and it’s Masked Council are greatful that the damage by the mythal’s malfunction has been slowly fading away, and a renewed vigor returned to the region.

“I have, by your leave, invited a number of mercenary companies to come here with representatives, for your approval. You recall you asked me to arrange to meet some, before…”
“We may hire, your grace, mercenaries; or we may try to lure fighting men here to live off the land as militia for free tracts of land. However, the reputations of these lands has always been sour. The Lizard Marsh has black dragons, lizardfolk, and dinosaurs. I do reccomend offering tracts of land for obeisance, however.”
Lord Romsh followed Henry’s advice in beginning, with Alexjo’s help, to attract men at arms and retired adventurers to Romsh Hold.

Ietos “the Hammer”, a Calimshanii Master of the Tulwar, approached with his “Black Company”. Krillick identified him as neutral evil. He has 10 Calimshani shieldbearers/reloaders (shortsword, small shield, studded leather, 10 bolts), 10 Calimshani heavy crossbowmen (studded leather, shortsword, heavy x-bow with 10 bolts), and 50 Amnian heavy infantry (improved mail, shortsword, 2 pilum javelins, body shield). His monthly compensation is 30gp personally, 100gp for his men, and a combined upkeep of 142gp monthly. They require a seperate barracks to be built. In open field tactics, the shieldbearers set up standing shields from which the crossbowmen can lay down fire. The shieldbearers carry a extra crossbow and hand it off to the crossbowman as quickly as they reload it. This improves the rate of fire of the heavy crossbowman tremendously. When they are at the battlements of a fortress, they do the same, but stand ready to repel attackers as well.

Next came Mama Vola. A fellow gypsy of Mulhurondi blood, Alexjo, Romsh’s herald, realized that Romsh could use their services…but could not afford more mercenaries in the moment. Alexjo has seized their services for six months paid full, so far. Mama Vola’s aura is light blue with Romsh’s orb of alignment.

Mama Vola is Mulhurondi gypsy-woman, Master of the Khopesh, and captain of her company “the Red and Blue”; she has 30 Amnian archers (shortbow, 20 arrows, dagger, leather armor), 30 Mulhurondi heavy infantry (bronze plate mail, khopesh, bronze shield, polearm), and 20 Illuskan medium cavalry (scale mail, round wood shield, medium lance, sabre). Her services are for 50gp monthly, and 300gp for her soldiery. Their upkeep is 162gp and the horse’s upkeep 120gp. Alexjo called upon favor from Derval Ironeater to build barracks and stablery for them. Mama Vola and Ietos are enemies in some fashion, but swore to work together in the service to Romsh.

Castellan Henry spoke up:
“We need a reason for so many soldiers. I suggest not rousing the nearby nobles with fears of half-orc aggressor, a possible Zhentarim pawn or member of the Black Network. To claim to scour the Lizard Marshes, or to protect the road against incursions from the High Moor…certainly. And these mercenary’s stations could be moved around the six hamlets, where they can be required to build defensive fortifications and stockades.”
Alexjo spoke, as well…
“The Dwarves we helped, Derval Ironeater, they owe us a favor. Perhaps these two barracks and stabelry be on them?”
“Now, about these lands…your lands are poor. Sheep and pigherding are all main cash producers; corn,tubers, and potatoes the agricultural staple.
Fishing would be good; river or saltwater. But we need two barges, for the Dwarves goods from Illefarn to our imagined port village, and from the port village to waiting ships off the Sword Coast. In that, a defense ship would also be good. Perhaps a knarr, with a low draft, to go up the Delimbyr as well as take to the sea? Two crossbow guns would be very effective on that account.” (pg 90, Volo’s Guide to the North)
“No political marriage can be arranged to a half-orc. Perhaps to a local girl?”
Castellan and Steward Henry speaks with Romsh thinking of what Alexjo speaks of.
“Back to the matter of mercenaries. We are certainly fully prepared to defend ourself, now, but perhaps in the future…a number of noble families offered their services to us. Sulthas (pg24), Agundar (pg9), and Roaringhorn (pg23). The Phull family will be approaching us within the month with contingency offers for a fishing village. We will need them to establish a fishing fleet. For such a village, we can charge land rights and produce a area to protect. To that account, I suggest you join a relevant Guild in Waterdeep to get your name out.”

“Lastly, for priestly matters, I suggest that you ask the Krii to make shrine here…”


A number of priesthoods, in fact, over the course of a month approached the new baron with ideas of their own god’s interests.
Two Wavetamers, priests of Valkur, approached Romsh.
“Greetings, Master mariner Romsh of Waterdeep! What pleasure it brings mighty Valkur that you have joined the guild of his followers recently.”
“If it is you be intent to bring shipping and fishing to the Sword Coast south of Waterdeep, you will need our help. Valkur can shield you against the depredations of Umberlee and the carelessness of Itishia. Grant us the right to build a shrine to Valkur at the headwaters of the Delimbyr river, and at the fishing village you intend to build, and we will aid you. So swears Valkur by the word of Sailor Kilmar, and here be his helper Gob Driden.”
Baron Romsh could only be pleased to accept this.

Another priestess, wearing all black robes and bearing a chakram, approached Romsh…desiring he come to her room at the inne around eleven one night.
“I am mistress of secrets…to prove my validity…and to assuage you that Shar my goddess has all power in the night…we come to know that both the Cape of shadow and the Helm of darkness, relics of my goddess…are come to the hands of Ievos, the Elf. How can you doubt my power, and that of my goddess, now? Or knowledge that you hide your tree of Income in the small little room you built next to your own in your Hold, to collect your gold coins grown from it? What darkness touches Shar knows in all.”
“Shar wishes to share in her power of night with you, and your people, Baron Romsh. Allow me to make open worship here…or suffer her wrath.”
Romsh declined, and reminded her she had better be gone in the morning.

Not only was the priestess of Shar turned away…but as well, a paladin and priest representing the Triad.
“Ho there, I am Edrick, of the Blue, and this is my companion, paladin Thomas, liege to me. I come to you to demand a tract of land here to build a shrine to Tyr, to make a court and justly decide tenets of Lord’s Alliance Law. What say you?”
“I think not. Gond rules the hearts of my people, if it is my wish…and I am the maker of law and rule here, not you.”
“How dare you. I would hate that to believe a half-orc, so rarely rising above their nasty and vicious blood…could be no less than under Zhentarim influence…”
“Is that a threat, in my Hold, priest of Tyr?”
“Certainly not. Only a promise that Justice will be seen. You have in your village a priestess of Talona, who, by her own admission, is here only to entreat her evil goddess that illness and pestilence not take these lands. And yet you will refuse the god of justice?”
“Justice, Tyrran, will be brought my own hand, the only pair of which I know can be trusted. Tyr has no power over illness, yet Talona does. So who are you to claim Tyr can control that? Out of my Hall!”

Boffer and Krillick, well known growing enemies, met bullheaded at the seat of Romsh.
“Allow me, Romsh, to make a place of worship, a shrine to Tempus, to serve the needs of the coming mercenaries. As you may not know…Tempus seeks the alliance with Gond, and so shall I seek alliance with you..”
Boffer grunts, and speaks up against Krillick. “No temple or shrine to Tempus…I wont stand for it, at all. Let us build a statue, or a shrine, here to a Moradinsammar god or goddess, and attract more Dwarves from Daggerford…”
“No shrine to Tempus, then, not now. And when the Dwarves make their agreement solid with me and some wish to come, I will think on giving them land for their temple.”

Upon a trip to Waterdeep, Baron Romsh visited the House of Wonder there. Receiving the blessing of the Krii, he has unlimited access to smokepowder and mundane ammunition upon visiting, and he has been given a second horse pistol. Sent with him is Steelhead, a Gondservant with low wisdom (5) and high intelligence (17). It is wound up by a massive clockwork key, and given two minutes of winding, can operate and be aware for around a day. Steelhead is very grumpy, and needs often oiling. For all intents and purposes it is considered a construct. He can read Thorass and Dethek, and speak Common. He can defend himself, but usually avoids situations involving warfare. Steelhead has Administration, Law, Scribe, Engineering, Heraldry, Research, Sage Knowledge: Heraldry, Law, Engineering, Architecture. Steelhead will be building the Home of Wonder in the Barony.

When it is prepared, Vicker Gondsman (Sp5) will come to teach the populace. Vicker is a well known blacksmith and armorer, and his own talent centers around the creation of tinkered small items that will aid in farming. His pleasure, as comes from his namesake, is his large collection of beehives, from which he produces honey meade, honey cakes, and bottled honey to sell to the populace.

Romsh joined the Master Mariner’s Guild (pg49), and purchased a lifetime membership for 300gp. He has been issued a guild dress of a red hat with a white plume, and a red shoulder cloak to wear in Waterdeep.
Gardle joined the Jeweler’s Guild (pg47), and purchased a Gnome’s lifetime membership for 600gp. He has been issued a deep purple robe with a triangular, crown-cut white gem (10gp), point downward, on the breast, purple hat with a white plume, to wear in Waterdeep or beyond if he likes.
Ievos joined the Scriveners, Scribes, and Clerks Guild (pg53), purchasing a lifelong membership (much more costly than a humans) for 200gp. He has been issued a royal blue beret with a few silver quills on it.
Galia upgraded her membership in the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors (pg56) for 300gp she has scraped together. In Waterdeep she wears a dark purple cloak, with a white human hand, fingers together and uppermost on the left shoulder embroidered. There she also visited her mentor and her master, Mistmyr Iroan (pg77).

All of the groups magic items have been tallied and distributed. Its art and items of gold value have yet to have been sold or distributed, however. The remaining items are in Romsh’s Hold until the group has use of them:
Jar of preserving (contains each group member’s elixir of revivification)
Money changer box
Figurine of the moonstone rabbit (useful to help move earth and build around the Barony)
Eternal peanut
Art: Blue on Bronze (ruling room in Rom Hold)
Bottle of preservation
Fang of the Nosferatu (dagger, possible curse to turn user into vampire?)
Mirrors: Black (use priestly command, and a spirit tells faithfully what it can); Truth; the Past; Enlightenment (All set up in ruling room of Rom Hold)
3 Eggs of wonder
Porpherio’s sword (tulwar)
Staff of Osiris (priest or confirmed clergy only)
Sash of immolation (fire resistance helps to use with this; it affects everyone around the user in a five foot radius)
Orb of alignment (Boffer and the steward of Romsh use this to determine the aura of travellers and businessfolk dealing with the Hold)
Thasher, the intelligent and dancing scythe (owned by Boffer; he keeps it above the doorframe in his bedroom)


Sherlen Spearslayer, the captain of the militia in Daggerford, rides up to the training yard at Romsh Hold, where Baergon and the Daggerford captain of the Duke’s guard were training Romsh and Krillick.
“Come! Go north to the hamlets along the river. I will go to the roads with my collected militiamen and the Duke’s guard. Fires to the north, south, and east of here all mark raiders of some kind. A boy came screaming that marauders had come by the road.”

Krillick and Baergon both looked skyward to a crack of thunder on a mostly clear spring morning; today was Kythorn, the Revenge. A single stormcloud formed over them; looking like two seperate clouds in the shape of two horses, and standing atop them, a figure with a foot on each back raising a spear high. Tempus, the sign of battle to come, and no favor or quarter to be given or recieved.

Stopping the rape and pillage of some of Romsh’s peasants by some of Ablixion’s Reavers, the group nearly fell…but chance or battle savvy saved them after a lance strike smote Romsh down. Ablixion, cult leader of Garagos on the High Moor, left the battlefield early…his target was Krillick, but he settled for meeting up with another group that must have been the one that overwhelmed Baergon, and a few of the Waterdeep guard. When they left Baergon’s head was removed, cut clean.

Romsh captured Shiva, pr5 of Garagos, and removed her hands…and gagged, she is a prisoner in Romsh Hold. They slew Talmed, pr6 of Garagos. As well, 4 F1s wielding either scythes or sickles and shield, 2 F3s with axe and shield, and 2 F3s armed with medium horses, lances, plate armor, and sabers of Southern make. Krillick destroyed all but two of the holy symbols of Garagos in a ceremony of victory over the band of Reavers.



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