the Final Countdown

The Progress in Rom Hold, part 2

Returning to Daggerford, Krillick found that the Duke offered personal condolences for the loss of Baergon. His weapons and armor were sent to honor him at the nearest temple of Tempus; Krillick has assumed responsibility of the shrine to Tempus in Daggerford. With it came a letter of command, signed jointly by the reigning priest in Waterdeep and Piergon the Unmasked Lord, that Krillick now serve as adjunct priest to Lieutenant Wert and the 50 medium cavalry, the 7th company of Waterdeep Charge. They are armed with heavy crossbows, 10 bolts, dagger, broadsword, and medium lance. They are armored with chainmail and kite shield. Their tactics are not yet veteran; they either dismount to use crossbows to enter with a charge.

Romsh planted the gem of income to create a gold tree in the private courtyard established just outside of his room. Only from the air could someone notice the small grass ten by ten walled courtyard he has arranged.
After wrapping up business in the Rom Hold, Romsh petitioned Ievos to go scout into the Lizard Marsh and return with Redeye. After three days, Ievos did so, and Redeye made a bargain with Romsh about the disposition of the Lizard Marshes:
Firstly, no more incursions of adventurers.
Secondly, a occasional exchange of weapons and armor and other worked goods to show Redeye’s “raiding” leadership is well founded
Thirdly, that the hamlets on the fringe of the Marshes stockade walls to make it harder for raids from those Redeye cannot control well
Fourthly, the group slay the troublesome young adult black dragon, Vamortikin
Fifthly, I wish to train directly when I may with the Krii when you invite them here

To the latter end, he had Valerna prepare a oil of acid resilience for the group’s use. Setting out, they encountered little resistance, until a thicker and more dense part of the hills in the Marshes lead way into a trap made by ettercaps. A strange ringing sound, like bells, sounded out once, and then twice…and before they knew it, they were thrown into a cunning trap by the ettercaps. Krillick and Romsh fought their way through it, while Boffer and Gardle very narrowly escaped death from a massive, twenty-foot large spider. Gardle dominated the spider, and then quickly subdued it with a permanent dominate psionic command he implanted with his psychic surgery; and with it the characters returned to Rom Hold. In the nest of the monstrous experiment, the group found a number of items later identified:

Wand of Salt (Gallia)
Shortsword of Nobanion (Bast)(Gardle)
Rod if Inertia (Krillick)
Belt of Goblinoids (Boffer)

Obviously, a Untheric or Mulhurondi adventure lost his life in the Marshes somehow. The Wand of salt is one of only two known; and the Shortsword of Nobanion has the purpose to hunt down the Mulhurondi enemy Set and his minions.
Back at Rom Hold, Boffer prepared his trade and purchase of his plate armor, and secured a steel replacement for his leg, severed at the knee. Grumpily he promises not to be rash and angry at the foul beast…but he is severely angry that the creature still lives, in the service of Gardle.

Experimental spider (dominated by Gardle; psychic surgery made it permanent) carried the group back to Rom Hold to have Boffer given a replacement steel peg leg and then the evil spider was released into the wilds of the Lizard Marsh by Gardle.
AL CE, Int 6, HD 8+8, Thaco 11, Dmg 2d6 + poison type O, -5 penalty to surprise opponents. Size G, 20’ diameter. Mv 9 land, 12 web.

Hopefully, they will set out soon to finish what they began…
Planned or Real Disposition of the Barony of Romsh:
93 total souls in Rom Hold proper (not including the group or mercenaries)
Kethras, Tethyrian blacksmith
Samuel Doortap, Daggerford sherriff appointed to the Barony
Belinda, priestess of Talona, healer and apothecary
Thromm Axefor, Dwarven general store owner and innkeeper, “Inne Cromm”
Hendrick, stablery master of “Stables n Fables”; sells in oxen and mules, with a few horses
Castellan (and Steward) Henry, oversees four servants at the Hold
Steelhead, Gondservant
Vicker Gondsman, Krii (lvl 5)
Men-at-arms: Keviina (Keveena), Aaron, William, Tyler, Blake, Keniesha

8 hamlets, all within a days walk, 50-100 people per.(1 is known as The Baron’s Lancing, in honor of the mark of Romsh surviving a lance breaking off in him)
A hamlet on the river edge, where 20 ex-Zhentilar settled with eighty or so noncombatants as well. They are armed with chainmail, shield, broadsword and dagger; ten have polearms and the others have light crossbows.
Smaller farms and various deer paths to and fro in the region accomodate perhaps a total of a thousand more souls.
Planned village of “Rivercrest” by way of Waterdeep’s Phull family, accomodating perhaps two hundred fisherfolk and their service providers. Eddard Phull governs the village along with ten Phull guards and the two priests of Valkur.



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