the Final Countdown

Adventure log, Illefarn vol. 2
From the memoirs of Ievos

I sold the leather apron in town, it will definitely help me to procure more components in my magic research, which is hurried, certainly, due to the need to adventure in the moment with those companions I have found myself bound to. The apron came in handy and I pocketed 1300gp, though the others have not noticed.

The group did not get far. They encountered Victor Keybridge, again…and he was defeated by our Gnomish psion almost soundly, though he was allowed quarter to leave, the two guards of his order and two of the half-Elf bandits travelling with this dread necromancer’s party were slain. And descending, more necromancers were encountered…a number of four skeletons, four half-Orc bandits, a half-Orc priest of some Orcish god and a attractive, I’m told, feminine and cultured necromancer apprentice. She was allowed quarter, as well. Fortunate for her I was not with the group during the encounter, or that would be different.

Most of our new magic was found by the rummaging necromancer’s, who indeed are certainly less here to fight the Orc or Dwarves for this place, but instead to collect treasure and magic alike.

Between Alexjo’s lore, my own Elvish magic knowledge, or the Gnome’s exceedingly powerful wand, we have divined a great number of magic encountered from these two encounters:
1 white convocation candle of small fireballs
4 blue candles
a Elven longbow, Goblin’s Bane
boots of the North
a shortsword, Susk the Silent
arrows of fire
arrows of ice
Victor Keybridge’s periapt of proof vs. poison +3
mask of air
Balacer’s hand
the estoc Bloodsword
the golden girdle of Urnst
4 sunbolt javelins
a mirror of the Past

Adventure log 3, Illefarn

Well, a great deal of adventure and thankfully in watch, I’ve seen only 8 kobolds and a ogre that I and Ievos dispatched in the night. The trap that we set in the pit certainly helped.

Romsh managed to make peace with this witch Valerna, and her sixteen mongrelman. I looked over his contract with Valerna and I cannot say I am pleased by it for what it cost, but Krillick and Romsh were leading the further adventures into the new area so I had little to say about it. There was a great deal of exploration done, and not a small number of battles in the past three shifts of sleep and adventure.

After encountering four hook horrors, the trap of the mongrelmen was set, and instead of laying into battle as Ievos wanted, the group discussed terms and conditions of parley with the witch Valerna. Her alignment is chaotic neutral, as Krillick saw in her aura. She was a witch that is wanted by Duke Pwyll for claimed atrocities against the citizenry; Valerna was a midwife and apothecary for a nearby village of farmers that owed fealty to the Duke. Taking her mongrelmen, she entered Illefarn, though they have had bloody relations with the Dwarves, Valerna kept to herself as the necromancer and orc faction have intensified their own battles. Upon the study of Valerna’s aura, I can only fathom that she worships Talona, who brings or wards off illness, disease, and poisons.

She is arranged to take the mongrelmen out once we find a way out of Illefarn, and to a swamp area closer to the coast in the Lizard marsh, where Baron Romsh will arrange for the safety and placement of the Witch Queen with her mongrelman court. In a magic-sealed contract, Romsh said the following:

I Baron Romsh will to all the best of my ability to shelter in the swamplands of my Barony the Skull People, and their witch queen Valerna, for 100gp per month. Valerna shall provide, for free, one serving of choice oil or potion per month, and half price for any others at reasonable quantities. On this day the exchange of magic items shall be brokered and sealed in the same contract of no-refund.
In addition to the oils, potions, and elixirs we know of that she got copy of, she has the following:
Acid resilience, Agelessness, Black Arts,Allspice, Allspice II, Aphrodisia, Armor, Bottom #20, Bruno’s Curse, Preservation (I think she must have Drow allies…), Primrose, Damnation, Dragons Blood, Excisement, Eucalyptus, Frangi Pani,Galangles, Grape, Impact, Jamaica, Kladdle, Magnolia, Mercury, Rosemary, Rue, Scrying, Sharpness, Xyz, Spirit

Krillick took the Discus shield, Ievos was given Valerna’s vest of missile protection and the mongrelman’s bands of might, while the shortbow of Doubling was given to our little Gnome. Valerna has a number of magic items still; a strange Table of the Elements, and she carries Damnation oil and Zula Zula oil to use in battle, hurling it at her enemies. Dangerous stuff, that. Her mongrelmen prepare their footmen’s maces with oil of impact. They also have Lagyg’s flowing flagon. And now, in return, they have the ladle of duplication and chalice of identification, as well as our Leomund’s goblet; a elixir of revivification, photosynthesis, and health; smoking aromatic pipe, ointments of blessing, and the cutlass, Foefinder. Krillick traded his dagger of Impaling to one of the mongrelmen as well.
Valerna has Nefradina’s identifier, which will be helpful and we can bring unknown potions and oils to her for veracity. She has a startling collection of ointments, oils, and elixirs herself.

Continuing forward, the group encountered the mythal. Ievos was there and said little about the magic; either he is withholding his racial secrets or he knows little about it. The personal description you would have to ask Krillick or Ievos or Romsh about; I understand that it is a magical room, one with a “positive” energy, above, or a gate of some kind carrying the vessel of the mythal into a positive realm…and one of “negative”. Apparently, the mythal needs charging of positive energy and a removal of negative energy; a balance which has to be maintained since the point of the Mythal is to keep positive energy in the lands encompassed by the Mythal. The first lever of it’s mechanism lowers, the second raises, and the third activates the magical energy. Currently, the mythal has been drained of its negative excess and now is charged positive and activated to the realm.

Lastly, there is the Dwarves. Korin has a number of mercenaries assembled, some from his clan, a few Dwarves even not. Most notably we met Biffer, Gold dwarf brother to Boffer, who is a giant-slayer, and Dwalin, a ironsmith warrior, one of the wandering Shield Dwarves. In the course of a evening, the famed crown and armor of King Devin was found, and we earned a letter of debt for 60,000 gp to cash with Korbus Brightjewel back in the town of Daggerford. As well as a number of more magic items…with the mythal repaired and the Dwarves planning on leaving for a time to collect more troops to fight off the necromancers and orcs, I am unsure what our role now will be. To finish the adventure or to go home as heroes…and perhaps with new allies.

Other magic that we found:
Bridle of speaking
Mirror of enlightenment
mind dulling dust
2 large candles of disruption
Ring of remedies
Ring of safety
Horshoe of Luck
Helm of Darkness

Adventure log 4, Illefarn

Korin approaches you after the nites revels. The dwarves indeed really know how to party, for which you certainly took part in, though the stout Dwarven ale did a great number of terrible things to your dispositions.

“I am glad you have rested. We have all come to a great decision over what shall be done, since we have what we came for. Reconquering Illefarn is as important as collecting enough of our kin, or Gnomish and halfling allies, who wish to come and make a new life here and rebuild the glories of old.”

“There will be no immediate recognition of Daggerford politically. We will make ourselves known to King Melandrach soon enough, to draw up boundaries and pacts with the Elves of the Hollow. However, since you helped us get back Devin’s crown and armor, and to find our golden statues of our Mordinsammar, we will negotiate through your adventuring group. And we will be allies to Romsh of his own Hold if you so want us. We are not many now, but we will be great soon. When I return with riches from here, and the crown, armor and magic of Devin, it will cement Moradin’s blessings upon my right to be king here. We will protect the mythal and operate it in honor of the fallen kingdom, for Dwarves keep their promises. I am a descendent of Devin, and so I have inherited his task of protecting the kingdom.”

“You can help those defenders if you like, and want any further reward and treasure…we can make war openly on one or the other faction. Wartsnak is not out of your power, but when you draw close to the necromancer, I and our priest of Moradin, Borg, will enter into battle with him personally.”

“His magic and equipment as well as that of the followers will be yours, and any trinkets or treasures are yours as well. If it is Dwarvish or Elvish of obvious Illefarn origin, then we will claim it…but there is not much here left we know of. However, when the call for battle begins, you must be prepared to finish it. There can be no time for them to assemble a ready and prepared defense; bluster and surprise will be our ally. Me and Borg will wait for you to get close to Kelthas, and we will strike him down.”

“Lord Romsh, if you were to establish a fishing hamlet on the edge of your property, on the beach, and maintain a strong enough barge and defense system to go up the river and to Illefarn, we could begin selling stone and our wares without needing to sell it through Waterdeep to merchants coming to Daggerford. We could barge our wares out through your village to waiting ships. I am certain this could mean some anger or resentment from the Duke of Daggerford since he would not be able to make tax on us, but the River is not owned by the Duke…so he can deal with it. For such arrangement…we have come to the mutual satisfaction of 19% profit to go to you, Baron Romsh.”

Boffer approaches Krillick and Romsh, who both take to the Dwarven ale without restraint. Krillick will end up fighting drunk the next day, but who can hold back a barbarian’s desire for ale? Especially…strong ale as Dwarves make.

“I saw Wartsnak before…he killed my second cousin. He has great speed, and moves so fast to be a blur to your eyes. My cousin Dugman screamed that he could not see when he rushed at Wartsnak…and Wart cut him down with his tulwar. Vicious looking blade, that…”

Alexjo approaches Romsh. “Hi Romsh. I’ve been giving it some thought, and as your herald…I have some ideas for you to further yourself. Really, you need to marry…and you need to make one of the locals your wife, since you are a half-orc. You will never be accepted into noble society…but by living with the people, they will accept you. That will make you tolerable as a Baron, at least. I suggest you take some time, and learn some of the secrets of Beauracracy…it will help you navigate Lord’s Alliance rules to get maximum effect…Law, for that matter, would help as well. Agriculture, of course, would help you plan crops to their best effect. Think on this.”

Wartsnak and his followers fell in battle to three of the Dwarves strike teams and the group as well. Wartsnak and his two trolls were slain by Boffer, Krillick, and Gardle; they also took part in some exploration of the common and living areas that the orcs inhabited, killing four cave fishers and handling four seperate bands of Wartsnak’s followers.

Returning to Daggerford, the group was rewarded and hailed as heroes, and are taking time for Krillick to train in his priestly skills and for Romsh to further his own martial prowess. They took some time to enjoy their newfound wealth and glory…and identify their remaining unknown magic. Two weeks later, Korin approached Baron Romsh in Daggerford, where he was training under Sherlen Spearslayer…and presented to him the rest of the magic in the dungeons of Illefarn…now reclaimed as the Kingdom of Illefarn!

A number of magic items…
Kelthas the Dread’s…
Robe of Repetition
Bottle of Preservation
Necklace of Alteration
Pax’s Model of Spell exchange
Wartsnak’s magic…
Porpherio’s tulwar (1388)
ring of bard’s armor of Eelix
normal ring of Distraction (957)
Shimmering sash (1053)
Ellisin the cleric of Maglubiyet’s…
Dagger of Doomwarding (359)
Amulet of shield
Cape of Shadow (255)
(4) acid arrows (84)
Prollot, cleric of Gruumsh’s…
throwing irons (620)
Jorkyl, half-orc priest of Cyric’s magic…
“Gemmaster of Cyric”
Gems of Karma, Atonement, Curing, Musing, Income;
Buckle of Lockpicks
Staff of Osiris
Scabbard of Poison
Chill blade (359)
And a whole slew of random items, perhaps lost by adventurers, or who knows…
Modegian bracelet of lost ships
Red Pearl
Doves harp
Flynn’s white copper ring of fire
Black Mirror
Holy symbol of Mielikki
(3) Eggs of Wonder
Cat’s Eye ring

including, the spellbook of Kelthas the Dread, the mage specializing in necromancy:
detect magic, light, read magic, identify, esp, knock, scare, web, dispel magic, infravision, protection from normal missiles, charm monster, polymorph other, wall of ice, cloudkill, passwall, sleep, hold portal, protection from evil, shield, unseen servant, continual light, forget, invisibility, levitate, rope trick, strength, clairvoyance, fireball, gust of wind, lightning bolt, slow, water breathing, dimension door, enchant weapon, fear, wizard eye, animate dead, feeblemind, telekinesis

The Progress in Rom Hold, pt 1

Romsh’s stewart approaches him, days after the return from Illefarn, and Romsh’s training under Duke Pwyll’s cavalier captain of the guard. The ennoblement ceremony finally was finished, in a half-rebuilt hall of the Duke of Daggerford, and the Daggerford people and it’s Masked Council are greatful that the damage by the mythal’s malfunction has been slowly fading away, and a renewed vigor returned to the region.

“I have, by your leave, invited a number of mercenary companies to come here with representatives, for your approval. You recall you asked me to arrange to meet some, before…”
“We may hire, your grace, mercenaries; or we may try to lure fighting men here to live off the land as militia for free tracts of land. However, the reputations of these lands has always been sour. The Lizard Marsh has black dragons, lizardfolk, and dinosaurs. I do reccomend offering tracts of land for obeisance, however.”
Lord Romsh followed Henry’s advice in beginning, with Alexjo’s help, to attract men at arms and retired adventurers to Romsh Hold.

Ietos “the Hammer”, a Calimshanii Master of the Tulwar, approached with his “Black Company”. Krillick identified him as neutral evil. He has 10 Calimshani shieldbearers/reloaders (shortsword, small shield, studded leather, 10 bolts), 10 Calimshani heavy crossbowmen (studded leather, shortsword, heavy x-bow with 10 bolts), and 50 Amnian heavy infantry (improved mail, shortsword, 2 pilum javelins, body shield). His monthly compensation is 30gp personally, 100gp for his men, and a combined upkeep of 142gp monthly. They require a seperate barracks to be built. In open field tactics, the shieldbearers set up standing shields from which the crossbowmen can lay down fire. The shieldbearers carry a extra crossbow and hand it off to the crossbowman as quickly as they reload it. This improves the rate of fire of the heavy crossbowman tremendously. When they are at the battlements of a fortress, they do the same, but stand ready to repel attackers as well.

Next came Mama Vola. A fellow gypsy of Mulhurondi blood, Alexjo, Romsh’s herald, realized that Romsh could use their services…but could not afford more mercenaries in the moment. Alexjo has seized their services for six months paid full, so far. Mama Vola’s aura is light blue with Romsh’s orb of alignment.

Mama Vola is Mulhurondi gypsy-woman, Master of the Khopesh, and captain of her company “the Red and Blue”; she has 30 Amnian archers (shortbow, 20 arrows, dagger, leather armor), 30 Mulhurondi heavy infantry (bronze plate mail, khopesh, bronze shield, polearm), and 20 Illuskan medium cavalry (scale mail, round wood shield, medium lance, sabre). Her services are for 50gp monthly, and 300gp for her soldiery. Their upkeep is 162gp and the horse’s upkeep 120gp. Alexjo called upon favor from Derval Ironeater to build barracks and stablery for them. Mama Vola and Ietos are enemies in some fashion, but swore to work together in the service to Romsh.

Castellan Henry spoke up:
“We need a reason for so many soldiers. I suggest not rousing the nearby nobles with fears of half-orc aggressor, a possible Zhentarim pawn or member of the Black Network. To claim to scour the Lizard Marshes, or to protect the road against incursions from the High Moor…certainly. And these mercenary’s stations could be moved around the six hamlets, where they can be required to build defensive fortifications and stockades.”
Alexjo spoke, as well…
“The Dwarves we helped, Derval Ironeater, they owe us a favor. Perhaps these two barracks and stabelry be on them?”
“Now, about these lands…your lands are poor. Sheep and pigherding are all main cash producers; corn,tubers, and potatoes the agricultural staple.
Fishing would be good; river or saltwater. But we need two barges, for the Dwarves goods from Illefarn to our imagined port village, and from the port village to waiting ships off the Sword Coast. In that, a defense ship would also be good. Perhaps a knarr, with a low draft, to go up the Delimbyr as well as take to the sea? Two crossbow guns would be very effective on that account.” (pg 90, Volo’s Guide to the North)
“No political marriage can be arranged to a half-orc. Perhaps to a local girl?”
Castellan and Steward Henry speaks with Romsh thinking of what Alexjo speaks of.
“Back to the matter of mercenaries. We are certainly fully prepared to defend ourself, now, but perhaps in the future…a number of noble families offered their services to us. Sulthas (pg24), Agundar (pg9), and Roaringhorn (pg23). The Phull family will be approaching us within the month with contingency offers for a fishing village. We will need them to establish a fishing fleet. For such a village, we can charge land rights and produce a area to protect. To that account, I suggest you join a relevant Guild in Waterdeep to get your name out.”

“Lastly, for priestly matters, I suggest that you ask the Krii to make shrine here…”


A number of priesthoods, in fact, over the course of a month approached the new baron with ideas of their own god’s interests.
Two Wavetamers, priests of Valkur, approached Romsh.
“Greetings, Master mariner Romsh of Waterdeep! What pleasure it brings mighty Valkur that you have joined the guild of his followers recently.”
“If it is you be intent to bring shipping and fishing to the Sword Coast south of Waterdeep, you will need our help. Valkur can shield you against the depredations of Umberlee and the carelessness of Itishia. Grant us the right to build a shrine to Valkur at the headwaters of the Delimbyr river, and at the fishing village you intend to build, and we will aid you. So swears Valkur by the word of Sailor Kilmar, and here be his helper Gob Driden.”
Baron Romsh could only be pleased to accept this.

Another priestess, wearing all black robes and bearing a chakram, approached Romsh…desiring he come to her room at the inne around eleven one night.
“I am mistress of secrets…to prove my validity…and to assuage you that Shar my goddess has all power in the night…we come to know that both the Cape of shadow and the Helm of darkness, relics of my goddess…are come to the hands of Ievos, the Elf. How can you doubt my power, and that of my goddess, now? Or knowledge that you hide your tree of Income in the small little room you built next to your own in your Hold, to collect your gold coins grown from it? What darkness touches Shar knows in all.”
“Shar wishes to share in her power of night with you, and your people, Baron Romsh. Allow me to make open worship here…or suffer her wrath.”
Romsh declined, and reminded her she had better be gone in the morning.

Not only was the priestess of Shar turned away…but as well, a paladin and priest representing the Triad.
“Ho there, I am Edrick, of the Blue, and this is my companion, paladin Thomas, liege to me. I come to you to demand a tract of land here to build a shrine to Tyr, to make a court and justly decide tenets of Lord’s Alliance Law. What say you?”
“I think not. Gond rules the hearts of my people, if it is my wish…and I am the maker of law and rule here, not you.”
“How dare you. I would hate that to believe a half-orc, so rarely rising above their nasty and vicious blood…could be no less than under Zhentarim influence…”
“Is that a threat, in my Hold, priest of Tyr?”
“Certainly not. Only a promise that Justice will be seen. You have in your village a priestess of Talona, who, by her own admission, is here only to entreat her evil goddess that illness and pestilence not take these lands. And yet you will refuse the god of justice?”
“Justice, Tyrran, will be brought my own hand, the only pair of which I know can be trusted. Tyr has no power over illness, yet Talona does. So who are you to claim Tyr can control that? Out of my Hall!”

Boffer and Krillick, well known growing enemies, met bullheaded at the seat of Romsh.
“Allow me, Romsh, to make a place of worship, a shrine to Tempus, to serve the needs of the coming mercenaries. As you may not know…Tempus seeks the alliance with Gond, and so shall I seek alliance with you..”
Boffer grunts, and speaks up against Krillick. “No temple or shrine to Tempus…I wont stand for it, at all. Let us build a statue, or a shrine, here to a Moradinsammar god or goddess, and attract more Dwarves from Daggerford…”
“No shrine to Tempus, then, not now. And when the Dwarves make their agreement solid with me and some wish to come, I will think on giving them land for their temple.”

Upon a trip to Waterdeep, Baron Romsh visited the House of Wonder there. Receiving the blessing of the Krii, he has unlimited access to smokepowder and mundane ammunition upon visiting, and he has been given a second horse pistol. Sent with him is Steelhead, a Gondservant with low wisdom (5) and high intelligence (17). It is wound up by a massive clockwork key, and given two minutes of winding, can operate and be aware for around a day. Steelhead is very grumpy, and needs often oiling. For all intents and purposes it is considered a construct. He can read Thorass and Dethek, and speak Common. He can defend himself, but usually avoids situations involving warfare. Steelhead has Administration, Law, Scribe, Engineering, Heraldry, Research, Sage Knowledge: Heraldry, Law, Engineering, Architecture. Steelhead will be building the Home of Wonder in the Barony.

When it is prepared, Vicker Gondsman (Sp5) will come to teach the populace. Vicker is a well known blacksmith and armorer, and his own talent centers around the creation of tinkered small items that will aid in farming. His pleasure, as comes from his namesake, is his large collection of beehives, from which he produces honey meade, honey cakes, and bottled honey to sell to the populace.

Romsh joined the Master Mariner’s Guild (pg49), and purchased a lifetime membership for 300gp. He has been issued a guild dress of a red hat with a white plume, and a red shoulder cloak to wear in Waterdeep.
Gardle joined the Jeweler’s Guild (pg47), and purchased a Gnome’s lifetime membership for 600gp. He has been issued a deep purple robe with a triangular, crown-cut white gem (10gp), point downward, on the breast, purple hat with a white plume, to wear in Waterdeep or beyond if he likes.
Ievos joined the Scriveners, Scribes, and Clerks Guild (pg53), purchasing a lifelong membership (much more costly than a humans) for 200gp. He has been issued a royal blue beret with a few silver quills on it.
Galia upgraded her membership in the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors (pg56) for 300gp she has scraped together. In Waterdeep she wears a dark purple cloak, with a white human hand, fingers together and uppermost on the left shoulder embroidered. There she also visited her mentor and her master, Mistmyr Iroan (pg77).

All of the groups magic items have been tallied and distributed. Its art and items of gold value have yet to have been sold or distributed, however. The remaining items are in Romsh’s Hold until the group has use of them:
Jar of preserving (contains each group member’s elixir of revivification)
Money changer box
Figurine of the moonstone rabbit (useful to help move earth and build around the Barony)
Eternal peanut
Art: Blue on Bronze (ruling room in Rom Hold)
Bottle of preservation
Fang of the Nosferatu (dagger, possible curse to turn user into vampire?)
Mirrors: Black (use priestly command, and a spirit tells faithfully what it can); Truth; the Past; Enlightenment (All set up in ruling room of Rom Hold)
3 Eggs of wonder
Porpherio’s sword (tulwar)
Staff of Osiris (priest or confirmed clergy only)
Sash of immolation (fire resistance helps to use with this; it affects everyone around the user in a five foot radius)
Orb of alignment (Boffer and the steward of Romsh use this to determine the aura of travellers and businessfolk dealing with the Hold)
Thasher, the intelligent and dancing scythe (owned by Boffer; he keeps it above the doorframe in his bedroom)


Sherlen Spearslayer, the captain of the militia in Daggerford, rides up to the training yard at Romsh Hold, where Baergon and the Daggerford captain of the Duke’s guard were training Romsh and Krillick.
“Come! Go north to the hamlets along the river. I will go to the roads with my collected militiamen and the Duke’s guard. Fires to the north, south, and east of here all mark raiders of some kind. A boy came screaming that marauders had come by the road.”

Krillick and Baergon both looked skyward to a crack of thunder on a mostly clear spring morning; today was Kythorn, the Revenge. A single stormcloud formed over them; looking like two seperate clouds in the shape of two horses, and standing atop them, a figure with a foot on each back raising a spear high. Tempus, the sign of battle to come, and no favor or quarter to be given or recieved.

Stopping the rape and pillage of some of Romsh’s peasants by some of Ablixion’s Reavers, the group nearly fell…but chance or battle savvy saved them after a lance strike smote Romsh down. Ablixion, cult leader of Garagos on the High Moor, left the battlefield early…his target was Krillick, but he settled for meeting up with another group that must have been the one that overwhelmed Baergon, and a few of the Waterdeep guard. When they left Baergon’s head was removed, cut clean.

Romsh captured Shiva, pr5 of Garagos, and removed her hands…and gagged, she is a prisoner in Romsh Hold. They slew Talmed, pr6 of Garagos. As well, 4 F1s wielding either scythes or sickles and shield, 2 F3s with axe and shield, and 2 F3s armed with medium horses, lances, plate armor, and sabers of Southern make. Krillick destroyed all but two of the holy symbols of Garagos in a ceremony of victory over the band of Reavers.

The Progress in Rom Hold, part 2

Returning to Daggerford, Krillick found that the Duke offered personal condolences for the loss of Baergon. His weapons and armor were sent to honor him at the nearest temple of Tempus; Krillick has assumed responsibility of the shrine to Tempus in Daggerford. With it came a letter of command, signed jointly by the reigning priest in Waterdeep and Piergon the Unmasked Lord, that Krillick now serve as adjunct priest to Lieutenant Wert and the 50 medium cavalry, the 7th company of Waterdeep Charge. They are armed with heavy crossbows, 10 bolts, dagger, broadsword, and medium lance. They are armored with chainmail and kite shield. Their tactics are not yet veteran; they either dismount to use crossbows to enter with a charge.

Romsh planted the gem of income to create a gold tree in the private courtyard established just outside of his room. Only from the air could someone notice the small grass ten by ten walled courtyard he has arranged.
After wrapping up business in the Rom Hold, Romsh petitioned Ievos to go scout into the Lizard Marsh and return with Redeye. After three days, Ievos did so, and Redeye made a bargain with Romsh about the disposition of the Lizard Marshes:
Firstly, no more incursions of adventurers.
Secondly, a occasional exchange of weapons and armor and other worked goods to show Redeye’s “raiding” leadership is well founded
Thirdly, that the hamlets on the fringe of the Marshes stockade walls to make it harder for raids from those Redeye cannot control well
Fourthly, the group slay the troublesome young adult black dragon, Vamortikin
Fifthly, I wish to train directly when I may with the Krii when you invite them here

To the latter end, he had Valerna prepare a oil of acid resilience for the group’s use. Setting out, they encountered little resistance, until a thicker and more dense part of the hills in the Marshes lead way into a trap made by ettercaps. A strange ringing sound, like bells, sounded out once, and then twice…and before they knew it, they were thrown into a cunning trap by the ettercaps. Krillick and Romsh fought their way through it, while Boffer and Gardle very narrowly escaped death from a massive, twenty-foot large spider. Gardle dominated the spider, and then quickly subdued it with a permanent dominate psionic command he implanted with his psychic surgery; and with it the characters returned to Rom Hold. In the nest of the monstrous experiment, the group found a number of items later identified:

Wand of Salt (Gallia)
Shortsword of Nobanion (Bast)(Gardle)
Rod if Inertia (Krillick)
Belt of Goblinoids (Boffer)

Obviously, a Untheric or Mulhurondi adventure lost his life in the Marshes somehow. The Wand of salt is one of only two known; and the Shortsword of Nobanion has the purpose to hunt down the Mulhurondi enemy Set and his minions.
Back at Rom Hold, Boffer prepared his trade and purchase of his plate armor, and secured a steel replacement for his leg, severed at the knee. Grumpily he promises not to be rash and angry at the foul beast…but he is severely angry that the creature still lives, in the service of Gardle.

Experimental spider (dominated by Gardle; psychic surgery made it permanent) carried the group back to Rom Hold to have Boffer given a replacement steel peg leg and then the evil spider was released into the wilds of the Lizard Marsh by Gardle.
AL CE, Int 6, HD 8+8, Thaco 11, Dmg 2d6 + poison type O, -5 penalty to surprise opponents. Size G, 20’ diameter. Mv 9 land, 12 web.

Hopefully, they will set out soon to finish what they began…
Planned or Real Disposition of the Barony of Romsh:
93 total souls in Rom Hold proper (not including the group or mercenaries)
Kethras, Tethyrian blacksmith
Samuel Doortap, Daggerford sherriff appointed to the Barony
Belinda, priestess of Talona, healer and apothecary
Thromm Axefor, Dwarven general store owner and innkeeper, “Inne Cromm”
Hendrick, stablery master of “Stables n Fables”; sells in oxen and mules, with a few horses
Castellan (and Steward) Henry, oversees four servants at the Hold
Steelhead, Gondservant
Vicker Gondsman, Krii (lvl 5)
Men-at-arms: Keviina (Keveena), Aaron, William, Tyler, Blake, Keniesha

8 hamlets, all within a days walk, 50-100 people per.(1 is known as The Baron’s Lancing, in honor of the mark of Romsh surviving a lance breaking off in him)
A hamlet on the river edge, where 20 ex-Zhentilar settled with eighty or so noncombatants as well. They are armed with chainmail, shield, broadsword and dagger; ten have polearms and the others have light crossbows.
Smaller farms and various deer paths to and fro in the region accomodate perhaps a total of a thousand more souls.
Planned village of “Rivercrest” by way of Waterdeep’s Phull family, accomodating perhaps two hundred fisherfolk and their service providers. Eddard Phull governs the village along with ten Phull guards and the two priests of Valkur.

The Progress in Rom Hold, part 3

The Duke of Daggerford had a number of things to ask Krillick, mostly concerning wanting to know why the startling number of Dwarves were entering his lands and avoiding the roads to go to the mountain of Illefarn, which is known to have been under his family’s ancestral claim for the past 200 years. That really couldn’t matter to Korin and Derval, both Dwarven brothers…had been in apprentice training then, and made fanciful dreams then of returning to their ancestral home…and as well, the Masked Council is certainly wondering just why Baron Romsh needs so many weapons of war and mercenaries.

Krillick set up a temple courtyard and walled compound to include the barracks, some of the training yard, and to connect the walls to the Daggerford proper walls; where it connects there will be iron doors that can be locked to assure the city’s privacy and, more importantly, the church’s sovereignty in that location. Appeasing his god Tempus, Krillick’s purchase of the property and the Duke having a steward to develop the temple with Krillick’s young page Samuel to watch on, the Duke agreed to sanctify two catapults and place them inside the courtyard of Tempus in the Dragonspear Castle Ward Hall, as the shrine in Daggerford has been come to call. For some reason, the shrine at Dragonspear Castle proper has not responded to Krillick’s usual inquiries.

Gardle released the giant spider to go home in the Lizard Marshes; it will probably be a delicious dinosaur snack, but who can know.

Romsh has decided to have Henry his steward acquire ammunition and four ballistas to aim skyward in case of Dragon attack.

The group was led by nine lizardfolk with red armbands, a gift from Redeye to show them the way to Vamortikin’s lair. The dragon was dispatched with some incredible ease as Gallia’s spell neutralized the beast for seven minutes…allowing Romsh and Krillick to take their leisure in crushing and cutting it to bits, while Boffer defended Gardle and Gallia against the attacks of the cleverly placed “Thrasher”, a intelligent, speaking, viciously cruel dancing scythe.

Behind the mound that the dragon had built its lair in, right into the deep marsh it had dug out to lay in wait for a meal or adventurers, a strange Thayan Steam Tram was waiting on rails, apparently the rails ran through a Gate which was nearby. Thayan steam trams are much like our steam trains; except that they carry extra water only, since a everburning stone sitting in the center of the steam boiler heats for up to three thousand years at a searing hot temperature. The lizardfolk showed a strange interest in the contraption; and when Baron Romsh had plans to return to collect the Steam Tram, the adventurers set back home. Their trap of the four Glain’s crystal spheres that they found did manage to do some dangerous harm to the lizardfolk piling into the Steam tram en route to the Thayan rails, more than halfway across the realm of Faerun. “Chief”, the lizardfolk, seemed to show some extraordinary awareness of the larger world and a cunning vernacular with the common and lizardfolk tongue.

Alexjo was helpful when the group returned to the Rom Hold. He was able to tally a total list of the group’s items, along with Nemtar, Gardle’s wand.
The dragon hoard consisted of: 470pp, 2400gp, 3700sp, 1200cp. There were three gems, and a silver comb, a golden Lord’s serving set (4 cups, 4 plates, etc…) as well as a solid garnet gem cup.
“Thrasher”, Int12, speaks common, dwarven, elven, and goblin; can sense secret doors within five feet. Thrasher is a +4 scythe, and dances for four rounds a day at 16 thaco. It can move up to 90 feet in a round to attack someone the wielder mentally commands.
“Time to Dance / Time to Kill / Time to feed your Thrill” (Boffer. Boffer leaves it in his home at the Rom Hold.)
Globe of vision (Gardle)
4x Glains cystal spheres (exploded against the lizardfolk)
Everburning stone (went home to Thay, with or without surviving lizardfolk is unknown)
White copper ring of fire (Gallia)
Ring of windwarding (Gallia)
3x New leaf
3x Elven arrows (Gardle)
Flatbox (213)
Harp- Building Liar

In total, each character receives 2100xp.
Boffer receives 1050.
Charge 450 for Gallia (150 for three chromatic orb gems, now she only has two. Also, the lifetime membership charge from post 1 of this line.)

The Destiny of Kings, part 1
...All the way across the world?!?

Krillick practiced some of his bettering barbarian skills in the fields and hills outside of Daggerford, and received formal weapons training from the Duke’s captain-at-arms. Boffer received his training from Romsh. And Gardle was busy in his own introspection, learning more of the Inner Power himself.

Since a few months have passed now, a number of retired adventurers, soldiers, and militia of the surrounding areas have begun to creep into Romholt, seeking out the free land that the castellan Henry has offered. It appears that Alexjo’s public relations work is doing well.

As circumstance would have it, the training characters did not have long to rest before more adventure has cropped up. Bando the Lame wanted to approach his good friend Baergon Bluesword and perhaps some of the Waterdeep guard to go and adventure, a propositioned idea which has fallen through, since Baergon died weeks before in a fight with Reavers of Garagos that had assumed that Baergon the half-elf was the same Krillick, half-elf, a truly promising member of the church of Tempus. Bando instead had to trust that Krillick and his company would serve his good friend, Council Hollend’s, immediate request for assistance from outside the kingdom of Dunador.

Bando came forward to Romholt, and laid out the problem as it was told to him:
“A terrible thing has happened. A small kingdom, Dunador, in the Inner Vast, has just lost its king. I know these folk; I travelled there, years before, to rally to the call of King Azoun of Cormyr, when he led the crusade against the Tuigan Horde. I tried to set up a mission there, to Tymora, but they are strong in the worship of Tyr, Torm, and Lathander; there are rumored cults of Cyric and Gargauth as well, but no matter.

It was not there that I lost my leg…but at that time, I was a priest of Yondalla. I served the thirty or so of my brothers and sisters who formed the Happy Band of Hairy Feet and Ready Stones, and we taught many of the bigger folk about the power of our slingstones. But not to digress…I lamed my leg by troll claw, when my adventuring band entered the High Moor in search of treasure and magic. It was only through Tymora I was lucky enough to escape…and so I serve her, now.

A friend of mine, Royal councilor Hollend, asked me to come. I cannot; my adventuring days are long over. But you can. See Rolfe, at the Three Feathers Inne, one near the portal you will make use of. Take the third stand of trees, outside Daggerford, towards the hills. Turn right at the third stand, and go a half-mile towards a rock that looks as a giant, at 17 feet tall. It is, in fact…a desert giant of Anauroch that lived in these parts a while back, who came here to petrify in peace. That is a story in and of its own. But there, at the giant, speak ‘Dunador-to-call’, and a gate will open to take you there."

The group travelled to Dunador; specifically, the province of it ruled by the shady Duke Aimar, known to be a wizard of some skill after he had well-established his fighting prowess. They travel to Montinelle, first…and learning what they had so far, of the lost prince that they seek to stop the evil Lord Edrin, the king’s brother, by ascending the throne…they have been immersed deep into this tale of intrigue and evils past, future, and present. The land of Dunador is magical; rumored to be blessed by Lathander now that it has turned its back of the gods and goddesses of old. But the land needs its king.
In his training, during a waking dream as he practiced self-hypnotism, a illithid appeared kneeling and meditating in a dark cavern that must have been somewhere deep in the bowels of the Underdark. Its oily and slimy mind easily penetrated Gardle’s, and spoke to him.

“I am pleased to see you have achieved the 4th circle of awareness. Very good. Now as I told you, I will teach you the powers I have promised.
Firstly, I shall teach you Banishment…”
That done, within days that passed truly as only hours, the illithid continued as he said he would to the more pressing need and immediate education of a power Gardle greatly could use.
“I will teach you now convergence. This power is a small thing, since you travel with no trained minds. But that does not matter. You now have the power to teach them contact (for free), and with it, they may learn any psionic power that you possess (1000exp per, prerequisites still apply). And for the purpose of the power, you may contact and use them as converging minds…and they may make use of the pool of power points. However, since they are not psions, they can take nothing more than the shared defenses, which they may make use of in the group. This defense will allow your group time in the encounter against the Twelve, time to destroy some of them…hopefully all…before their minds overwhelm your own convergent ones. It would please me to see a better proportion of their number reduced before they overwhelm and ingest you. Because of the aboleth’s talent of learning all that is known by the being it consumes…I can say no more about my intentions towards you.”
Except that, I promise and swear by all of my race, that you shall be released from this fate bond in the unlikely event of your success, or the success of the other fate-bond groups working towards this event. When the time is right, all of you will be led into the Underdark to complete your objective. At that time, time will be a luxury not easily affordable."
“Thank you, Gardle. And I wish you pleasure in your exploration of your newfound powers.”
Darkshins, a Duergar rogue, has joined the party. Ievos turned over the Eye of Traldor to Gallia, as well as the Buckle of lockpicks and Cape of shadow to Kerrick. Alexjo turned over the Gloves of thievery to Kerrick.

The Destiny of Kings, part 2

The group has travelled from Montinelle to Fontenmere Abbey, and from the Abbey to as far as the Shrine of Nevron in the course of longer than a tenday, in a land that is plagued by shadow and doubt. The number of brigands on the road, as can be wagered, has increased; the blur of greying lines crossed by the good and the bad blending as merchants need to hire or bribe their way out of the land as they anticipate civil war and certainly the rule of Lord Edrin, the dark-souled brother of the king. Once he openly attempted to rebel against his brother and make claim for the kingship through force of arms; his supporting nobles and, as was rumored, support by the Iron Throne, crushed then.
Krillick pondered all of these musings as he rode the steady gallop of the sturdy, tall but thickly built Vastar stallion that Councilor Hollend had provided. They had scouted Fontenmere, the temple of Lathander that dominated this part of Dunador; they had cleaned out the Darkwood of the banshee threat, ending three hundred years of fear; multiple encounters with the very skilled Montinelle citadel guard and tower guard alike.
The paladin and priest that they had spoken to had darker tidings; rumor said that it was not Cyric or Gargauth that was worshipped by Lord Edrin, by the Lady of Shadows. Could she have struck a bargain with Talona of the poisons and pestilence, to conjure up knowledge of a poison so foul it could not be stopped or identified by the powerful royal priests of Dunthrane that had tended to the fallen King Halfred. Krillick might have been born and raised a barbarian and a child of the North but he had been tutored well; in particular, to know of the many campaigns of the churches. Tempus was not worshipped much in the Vast; neither was Tymora. Lathander, Torm, and Tyr dominated the hearts of the people of Dunedor; Chauntea had made some way with the simple farm folk; and Eldath of the peace. For those of darker ilk, it was said Cyric, Gargauth, and Shar held sway; the Boss of Earth had his own following but perhaps Gallia knew more of that than he did.
What had transpired in the past was past now, though.
The King had been poisoned, and hopefully, the shrine of Nevron would hold the secret or at least a clue of where the young prince might have gone to…or been taken, by.


The Shrine of Nevron was known to create a geas-like effect upon those who chose to drink, or bathe, in the sacred waters. No one of neutral or ill intent could even approach it; fighters, priests, and paladins of the good were able to be empowered by the land of Dunador itself. In doing so, they became sons and daughters of Dunador. (In the realm of Dunador, they follow a LG alignment in regards to the king and nobles charging them. Specific roleplaying responses are varied depending on the characters inclement towards chaos or law, but the Kings word is ultimate; a representative will of the very land itself.)
Romsh, who found a love in his heart for these good and simple people, and their need for their King, approached heartily; and his strength became that greater than any half-orc or human ever might be.
For Krillick, who sought both wisdom and strength in the waters, he found more than he could bargain for, or expect. As he approached the waters, a massive glaive-like spear, nearly eight feet in length, barred his path; the spear-head nearly as large as his own shield! The spear head itself glowed hot; as if it was forged moments before, the edges cooling and black while the inside burned with the heat of the Nine Hells for which Tempus had taken it from. The fully armored and concealed frame came into view; a red cloak swaying about it’s shoulders as Tempus revealed himself in his true form; gold plated full plate armor rumored to be carrying the nicks and scratches marking every fallen warrior of the past, present, and even the future, or so it was said.
Next to the ten foot tall titan a large figure in red-painted full plate armor bore the figure of a woman, no doubt the Red Knight, a speaker for Tempus since it was told that Tempus’s voice could not be heard or percieved by mortals. She was nine feet tall herself, but between the two avatars, even the promising and mighty Krillick would kneel and lower his head to the ground, holding the palmful of water taken from the shrine of Nevron. If the others could see, they did not show it; seemingly frozen in time or unaware of the divine presence.
“Tempus”, the female voice would boom, “…demands you rely in your faith and what he has given to you through his servant, Uthgar. The strength of the tundra and the wisdom of the mountain winds. This land is not welcome to war; you may bring his teachings, but you will refuse the service of any power other than he.”
At that moment the glaive rose, and spun into the air, intercepting a few thrown coins, the edges sharpened and cut to turn the ancient gold coins into shurikens. The figure of Tymora strode forward through the water and towards Tempus, but the god of war raised his shield, batting the projectiles aside and hefting the spear to throw.
The Red Knights voice rang out. “Arrogant bitch, you cannot prevail in arms against he who is Tempus; violence and battle only make the king of battle stronger. But…”
“Silence, demigoddess. Speak not while I offer more than Tempus’s brutality. Was it not I, Krillick, who saw you through the battle with the Reavers, when Tempus turned his horse of defeat upon you? Was it not I that delivered you fortune in escaping the Red Brotherhood? Worship me, barbarian, and find success and good fortune in all your struggles and adventures…bring my church to these Dunadorians, show them as you deliver them from the clutches of Edrin, that Lady Luck wishes to smile upon them…”
At that moment, Tymora’s binding upon the demigoddess came to a end, and the Red Knight spoke on. “A soul can not be owned by two; it belongs only to you and the one you love most. But if it is between losing your faith, then lord of Battles promises to grant you still all the power you glean from him…and to challenge your faith even further. And pray, then, that Tymora gives you good luck; for the black stallion will ride always against you. You will know the lord of battles is the only true god for a barbarian.”
Tymora would speak as she watched Krillick’s features tighten in pride and arrogance. “I swear then to shadow you against the ill fate of Beshaba; take up my mantle of fortune and favor, and ride for me as well, Krillick.”
The half-elf would raise his face to look up at Tempus’s helmed face and stare upon his god, and then to drink from the water. “Fate is mine to make, and if I take strength from Tempus then I ask for the favor of Tymora to bring me victory in all. Hail the people of Dunador, hail lady Tymora, and hail you, lord Tempus.”

The Destiny of Kings, part 3

A gyrocopter, a large cranking wheel propelled by the four Gnomes and two humans working upon it, pedalling with their feet, guides the strange device over the river and hovers slowly above the river as the boat is working its leisurely way down towards the castle:

“Ho there! Courier 4 of 4 of Gond’s Faithful Delivery Service; All hail the Krii! Celebrate Gond’s Wonderbringing Twenty-two days ago as the Courier Service begins! Well. I have this letter from the revered Krii Vicker Gondsman, priest of your temple in the Barony of Romsh; it is cosigned by the stamp of Steelhead, your Gondservant.” He takes out a windup speaking horn, and glances at him. “For everyone to hear, or just you?” A large disc seems to spin on it releasing noise as a slender digit and arm seem to gyrate over it. "Oh, and at the end of this, you may record a conversation as well…

Greetings Baron Romsh! I look forward to hearing your stories of how Gond has brought you into the fold of Wonder. We will talk greatly. I have seen to making sure the turretted ballista are at a full 360 degree arc so they may be aimed upwards; I have drawn up plans and will implement them on a balancing platform that can allow this three-dimensional pivot. Perhaps we can even easily turn them to double ballista! But, not to digress, as Steelhead is interjecting…

Baron. There is trouble on the horizon perhaps; Korin Ironeater has apparently claimed himself the King of Illefarn and demands recognition by the Lord’s Alliance and more importantly, Duke Pwyll,whose ancestral claim is about four hundred years old. Korin’s is over one thousand, but this is not a simple matter. In Daggerford, Derval Ironeater has stirred up problems on their Masked Council; he is calling for the Halflings and Gnomes to either come to the Kingdom of Illefarn or to at least join forces in a Gnome and Halfling guild, which is being put a stop too. His smithy is still in operation but of course it may close; most Ironeaters have left the town and are relocating to the clan proper. There seems to be a anti-demihuman sentiment being cultured there.

There was a argument between some farmers and a small Elf band on the edge of the Laughing hollow and a homestead belonging to the small community of Julkoun. It led to a fight; one Elf and three humans are dead. Patrols from Secomber were sent out to warn the Elves away; but the Dwarves came out and demanded that they respect the ancient kingdom’s boundary, whatever that may be and perhaps whatever Korin feels he can hold. A Dwarf, another two Elves, and four more humans died. King Korin intends to claim Julkoun and Secomber under his domain; he may well be successful. He is waiting for your return to come to counsel; and the same, Duke Pwyll has requested your steward to mobilize your mercenary company; he has stalled by offering up two of your four men at arms as the only thing within his power. Duke Pwyll will no doubt support the men of Julkoun and Secomber.

There is an increase in orc, hobgoblin, and even ogrish-seeming large creatures; they seem to be, rumor says, stirred up by some of the Reavers of Garagos you and the Bonded Swords did not kill. Perhaps now might be good to stretch your hand out towards the independent communities of Gillian’s Hill, Liam’s Hold, Bowshot, and the Way Inn to annex into the protective fold of the Barony of Romsh. Your planned village with the priests of Valkur and the Phull family is underway. And once you have returned, we can procure a knarr, the two arrow casters, and two barges. Phull family will operate, unless you wish to staff the knarr in particular with your own men. Perhaps with things on the horizon as they may well be; a Luskan longship would do as well, to post in the midriver.

Lastly: We need the orb of alignment to aid in day to day screening of the folk coming in and out of the Barony with all of the new progress coming to the lands."


No matter what was to come, there would be success and reward for the brave Bonded Swords.
Admired and admonished for not only their solving of the nation’s crisis, they also rid it of the curse of the banshee’s wood, 300 years of fear and terror produced from that dark place.
After all the fanfare, Highest Councilor Hollend takes them to the side.
“Do you recall Matlocke, the cook? Apparently he was something more indeed. Some of my sources say that Matlocke was something of a thief’s Don. He intercepted the tongueless thief Menlow who now serves him. Strange how the cook managed all his newfound wealth, it seems mostly from the Duke of Andevar, but he has enough now to legitimize his claim as heir to his family’s lost fame and noble title. And he is now, by deed and some well played contacts, Chancellor of Andevar and Steward of Montinelle.

This he earned as a reward and its exchange for his service to me. He came to me at the Three Feathers Inne, and proposed to help out as he could; causing some harmless raids at the castle to draw the Duke’s attention away from you. And he had his forces bleed 57 of Edrin’s own men throughout the Duchy, at greater cost to the scoundrels, but no loss there.

Matlocke’s lot is in the Stonelands I gave them decree of safety there and autonomy, so long as it does not threaten the kingdom. And they subjected to branding as accused brigands for that open pardons. It was certainly stretching my authority as Lead Justice but in my rights; the end, I hope will justify the means, but only time will tell. They will be hung if found outside of the Stonelands.
Matlocke has 110 human brigands (Ftr 1), with 3 leaders (Ftr 3).
40 gnolls with 20 hyenas and 2 leaders…and the Stoneland based Ripper tribe, a group of militant and fairly well organized hobgoblins with 70 fighting adults, 3 leaders, and 1 chief. To safeguard against some future risks…‘accidents’ befell their two shamans very recently, during a fight with Edrin’s men.

You have more than earned the titles of lords of the court and knights of the kingdom, each and every one of you. But for three of you, some special consideration is being given. It shall be you that decides upon who will accept what.

The 2nd champion of the King ,Gardle Shinglestump ,we give Capel Tower, charged with the defense of our north-eastern border. 40 unblooded Tower Guard (Ftr 1s and 2s) and 20 mounted men at arms of your sigil (Ftr 2s). Steward Sigmund will castellan for you there.

For the 1st champion of the King, Alexjo Quickstring, we give Griffon Castle, with 40 unblooded Tower Guard (Ftr 1s and 2s), 40 mounted Border Guard (Ftr 4s), and 40 men at arms of your sigil (Ftr 3s). A Dwarven warrior by the name of Horsa will be retiring from a band of chartered Dunadorian adventurers to castellan there and steward in your name.

For the new Duke of Andevar,Krillick Morningstar, we give 40 men at arms of your sigil (Ftr 3s), and a mounted Citadel Guard of 10 masters (Ftr 6s). For Montinelle, there will be a standing group of 100 unblooded mounted Duchy Guard (Ftr 1s), 10 seargeant at arms (Ftr 4s), and 50 Castle Guard (Ftr 3s). Montinelle, the estates of Aimar, and much more wealth and power will be at your beck. However, this is as honorary a position as functionary; since Gardle has informed me of your curious Fate-bond and your need to adventure onward.

Matlocke will castellan Montinelle as is his duties as Chancellor of Andevar. The Dunadorian ranger Cameron Gaunt will have his group at Griffon Castle. His group includes a priestess of Selune, Astrid; Bromley; Owen, priest of Chauntea; and Kersana, a Elven sellspell. They will help with royal needs there; namely, to keep a eye on the traverse from the Stonelands and out to our enemies. Matlocke will put the brigands and his Stonelands filth to cut at the Merchant Dukes of Calaunt from safe base in our kingdom. You keep a helping eye on Matlocke’s intentions; so too will ranger Gaunt.

Lastly…I have a few questions, and some demands. Firstly, the prince noticed the dweomercraft of Baron Romsh’s sash of displacement; it is magic rare to the wizards of our court and it would be a fitting coronation gift to the good young King. (In return, he recieved a ring of protection +2; notably Romsh was not in favor of parting with his magic). As well, Krillick, your golden girdle of Urnst is mighty indeed. Our mages would like to study it; by legend the girdles of Urnst are rare and the enchantment lost to antiquity. With our gratitude also comes with a ring of protection +1 (to which Krillick refused).
Will you go to annex the other side of the portal, to open trade from the West to the East? Perhaps. Decisions to be made.
Ennoblement will come at 1200 gp. This will also help us to secure the portal for which you intend to travel here from Daggerford. (Aaron, Tyler, and Blake all paid up. Still need to decide their Dunadorian-based noble garb).
Is there anyone of the citizenry that deserve just reward for helping you in your travels? Lemus in Montinelle; Patrick the retired paladin of Tyr and his friend Edon, retired priest of Torm, in the hamlet outside of Lusian; and lastly the old woodsman Eli.
For you, Duke of Andevar Krillick Morningstar, Theron will manage Fontenmere Abbey, the temple to the god Lathander, and he will serve as your priest.
To finish, I can explain that for the two of you that drank of the waters of Nevron, you will always…well, drinkers without fail serve Dunador, sometimes to the bloody end; now our beautiful land is a part of you, and in your hearts forever. It is like a geas, but not; it cannot be removed without divine intervention; or only by the release of all your oaths to Dunador from the reigning King (or Queen)."

Now we can take a breath...before plunging into the Deep.

Juxril Thammercast of Waterdeep, considered the ranking and most elder of the priests of Shaundakul, teaches Alexjo the ways of Shaundakul at the Plinth there, and approved of his taking a mentor in the way of Shaundakul.

Shaundakul (pronounced SHAWN-da-kul), the Rider of the Winds, is the Faerûnian lesser deity of traveling and travelers, exploration, caravans, the wind as well as mining and miners. Recently, Lord Ao gifted him with the portfolio of portals and portal-walking. He manifests bodily as a bearded man who wears a traveler’s cape and is armed with a greatsword called the Sword of Shadows.

Relationships: The goddesses Beshaba and Shar are in opposition to Shaundakul.
Shaundakul is an old deity, once an intermediate deity popular in the Moonsea, whose divine status predates the creation of Beshaba and Tymora from Tyche. Shaundakul’s church collapsed and his followers dwindled in the aftermath of the fall of Myth Drannor, and he dwindled in status to the rank of demipower. Beshaba later used his name to promote discord among the nomads of Anauroch, who now curse him as the Treacherous Lurker in the Sands. Since the Time of Troubles, Shaundakul has risen back to the level of lesser power, due to Waukeen’s absence during which some of her followers turned to Shaundakul. He has allied himself with deities such as Akadi, Mielikki and her allies, Selûne, Tymora, and the more daring members of the Seldarine. He opposes Shar because he dislikes secrets and enjoys spreading the word of hidden places. He battles with Beshaba for the suffering she has inflicted in his name.

Clergy and Temples
Members of the clergy are expected to live off the land and work as guides and protectors of travelers, caravans, and mining expeditions. Many serve as guides for adventuring companies or as explorers. A very few are Harpers. All seek to visit the scattered shrines of Shaundakul (particularly the great one in Myth Drannor) as frequently as possible and to construct new ones when they acquire sufficient resources. Ever since Shaundakul added portals to his portfolio, his clerics have been tasked with locating and identifying portals that would be useful for trade and exploration.

Shaundakul prefers to be venerated at shrines, most of which are uninhabited and in remote places. Typically, a shrine to Shaundakul is a stone dais built atop a high place, crowned with a stone seat or throne, and accompanied by one or more stone pillars pierced with holes through which the wind whistles. Many such shrines exist throughout the Moonsea and the Stonelands, some of them over a thousand years old. Shaundakul is not commonly worshiped within cities and he has few formal temples as a result. Because the clergy members love to wander, his few temples constantly have new clerics arrive as others leave.

Shaundakul’s clerics wear a dark swirling cloak over garb appropriate for the trail, and favor dark colors and silver in general. Many wear their holy symbol on the back of their gauntlet (usually leather or chain mail).

Shaundakul’s church is loosely organized, and its branches are largely independent. There is little in the way of formal hierarchy, although those who served the Rider of the Winds prior to the Godswar hold positions of great respect in the church. Since the Time of Troubles, several military orders have been founded in the name of Shaundakul. The Fellowship of the Next Mountain is an order of rangers and clerics who typically work alone, blazing trails in the uncharted wilderness areas of the Sword Coast North and Moonsea North. The Knights of the Shadow Sword are an elite order of fighters and rangers based in Shaundakul’s Throne and dedicated to cleansing Myth Drannor of the evil that haunts its streets and ruins. Initially, they are fortifying the ancient Myth Drannan temple as a base of operations and sending out scouts to reconnoiter the ruined city. The Riders of the West Wind are an order of clerics and a few rangers who hire themselves out as a mercenary company to guard caravans heading through uncharted wilderness to distant lands.

Their holy day is the Windride, which is celebrated on the 15th day of Tarsakh. On this day, Shaundakul causes all his clerics to assume gaseous form at dawn, if they cannot wind walk on their own, so that they are carried with the wind. They return to normal (and are lowered safely to the ground) at dusk, usually in some place they have never been before.

Spread the teachings of the Helping Hand by example. Work to promote him among traders, especially trailblazers who seek out new lands and new opportunities. Unearth and resanctify ancient shrines of Shaundakul. Ride the wind, and let it take you wherever it blows. Aid those in need, and trust in the Helping Hand. Seek out the riches of the earth and sea. Journey to distant horizons. Be the first to see the rising sun, the mountain peaks, the lush valleys. Let your footsteps fall where none have tread.

Anhur (pronounced an-hur), also known as Rumathep, Ramathant in Thay, and Ramatep in Unther, is a wise and peace-loving deity. He remains ever vigilant in his role of protecting Mulhorand from evil, but still finds the time to appreciate those he defends.

Anhur and his church were highly esteemed in Mulhorand prior to the Orcgate Wars, but fell out of favor after the death of Re. He has been blamed for most of Mulhorand’s military failures by the followers of Horus-Re, and the two churches remain rivals to this day.
As the orc hordes surged forward, emboldened by the victory of Gruumsh over Re, Anhur devised a counter assault that eventually led to the end of the Orcgate Wars. During the Time of Troubles, Anhur secured the portfolio of the recently slain Untheric deity Ramman. He forced Hoar, who committed the deicide, to leave Unther once again; Hoar actively seeks revenge against Anhur for the act. He also distinguished himself by confronting the sahuagin deity Sekolah during this period of history. The sahuagin have increased their raids since the Time of Troubles against these people. The church of Anhur suffered numerous political attacks originating from the clergy of Horus-Re during the Time of Troubles. Anhur has regained much of the status lost during this period through aggressive actions against his foes.

Anhur’s views often come into conflict with those of Horus-Re, both of whom seek to guide Mulhorand and its people. His enemies include Set, Sekolah, and Hoar, and due to Mulhorand’s continued expansion he may come into conflict with Tempus. Anhur and Isis consider each other to be allies, despite increased conflicts due to similarities in their portfolios after Anhur absorbed that of Ramman upon his death. He and Nephthys often work together to thwart threats from nearby Thay, and from time to time is romantically involved with Sharess.

Heaven’s Agent
Anhur typically appears as a Mulan human with four arms and dark eyes. His skin is typically red in color, his hair appearing dark, and he usually has a short beard that’s often braided. He carries a lance in his right arms, and wears scale or lamellar mail and a headdress sporting three plumes. In this form, Anhur has the ability to transform his lance into a falchion, and will sometimes capture an opponent’s weapon to use against them in his left hands. He is also able to command normal animals, though magical and enchanted creatures may resist his will.

Other manifestations
Anhur’s will is often made known through the actions of animals, such as lions, falcons, and trained war beasts or guard animals, as well as the uncontrolled actions of war chariots.
Lion: Individuals hostile to Mulhorand may witness a large lion watching them on the horizon. No matter the distance traveled toward it, this manifestation always remains unmoving and out of reach.
Weather: Particularly dangerous enemies of Mulhorand may find themselves accompanied by a dark storm cloud overhead. This manifestation will strike out at the interlopers, and continue to follow them until they leave the region. Anhur may manifest as rolling thunder if one of his followers encounters resistance while attempting to carry out his will. If this warning proves insufficient, the follower may be struck by a bolt of lightning that inflicts no damage but marks the ground. A Mulhorandi army on the march may hear a steady rumbling of thunder that serves to restore their endurance while traveling.
Ghostly Lance: Armies composed of Anhur’s followers may encounter a ghostly lance standing upright on a battlefield. This manifestation boosts the moral of his followers and acts as a rallying point during the conflict.

Church of Anhur

Heaven’s Agent
The position of priest in the church of Anhur is hereditary; members belong to the House of Ramathant, and can claim at least one divine incarnation of Anhur among their ancestors. Anhur’s clergy is composed entirely of humans native to Mulhorand.
Temples to Anhur are solidly built structures design to repel invaders. They are continuously stocked with equipment and provisions in the event they are besieged.

The center of power of the church of Anhur is located in Sultim, the location of the Blood Fortress. Worship of the Falcon of War is strongest in Mulhorand, but temples dedicated to Anhur can also be found in Unther and Chessenta. For Alexjo, the overpriest by the name of Sevram Ramathant gave him his indoctrination, and then turned him over to another priest for understudy abroad. Sevram at the time of Alexjo’s entrance to the church is lvl 11.


Martial skills are an important factor in the lives of the clergy and followers of the Church of Anhur. These clerics spend much of their time preparing for battle, as well as training the soldiers of Mulhorand. They focus on executing daring maneuvers and plans in the hopes of increasing the glory of their nation. Divine spell casters devoted to Anhur pray for their spells at dawn.

Typical garb for Anhur’s clergy includes a breastplate and collar, shaped in the figure of a lion for high-ranking priests, as well as a white linen skirt known as a kalasiris and sandals laced to knee height. A headdress and collar are also common. These priests often dye the skin red to emulate their deity and typically shave their heads. A set of three blue circles painted on their forehead serves as a symbol of their calling. They often tattoo themselves to commemorate personal achievements and victories. The quality of a priest’s clothing reflects that individual’s power and standing. When preparing for combat followers of Anhur favor scale or lamellar mail, but will also readily select the best equipment for the situation.

Affiliated orders

Informal organizations are common among the followers of Anhur, especially with those that serve in the nation’s military.
Guardians of Skuld: Formed since the Time of Troubles and led by the church of Anhur, this organization counts followers of Anhur, Osiris, and Isis among its members.
Order of the Watchful Lion: This organization serves as Mulhorand’s first line of defense. Its members often scout neighboring regions and report important events, areas, and people to their superiors. Alexjo is indoctrinated in nominal membership in this Order.

Celebrations and festivals

The clergy of Anhur often celebrates the anniversaries of the important battles and victories of Mulhorand. These are times of great revelry within the citadels of the Falcon of War, and competitive events testing the participant’s physical prowess are often held at these times.

Time of Storms: The month of Tarsakh, known as the Time of Storms in Mulhorand, is a month of celebration for the followers of Anhur. The deity is said to patrol the nation’s border regions at this time, and in celebration of this Anhur’s clergy participates in a nonlethal combat tournament that continues until the month ends. The tournament concludes on Greengrass, and the victor is awarded the title of Champion of Anhur for the next year. It is said that the victor will have a divine +1 to hit and +1 to damage for the rest of his days upon victory.
Remembrance Ritual: A time to remember and reflect upon those warriors that have fallen in service to Mulhorand over the past year, the Remembrance Ritual is celebrated on Highharvestide. The celebration concludes with participants praising Anhur for the recent victories Mulhorand has achieved.

~Scene 1, managing the Realm before heading to the portal.
After so much adventure, from Illefarn and so quickly to rush off to Dunador, it is good to take a breath…and collect oneself after so many adventures. How will Alexjo get to Mulhurond and then over to Waterdeep, then down to Daggerford quickly in about two months time?

Chancellor Matlocke: "Well, good to meet you again, Duke Krillick. How may I answer any of your questions about the Duchy? You have inherited Aimar’s primary estate; his others, by the laws of our kingdom, are spread amongst his relatives. This is a large hold; with four hundred peasants who owe you obeisance. Duke Aimar’s lands are rich with wheat, livestock, and a mill. The value of his land’s yield varies between 100 to 600 gold a month, and this excess after providing for the maintenance by your Duchy Priest will be kept here at Montinelle; as well and along with your monthly Duke salary from the kingdom will be channelled into my own account; minus a 500gp a month due for your services in the Lawmaking and Orderkeeping roles which you are due to command when you return to Dunador. There is a great deal I can teach you about the Laws of our land; but Dunador is a well ordered nation and needs very little regulating. Except that there are a number of immediate issues requiring your hand:

Firstly, a merchant from Calaunt is seeking compensation for a raid which took place on the roads; he claims that a large mob of people assaulted him and his guards and overran his five-wagon carriage of fruit and vegetables he purchased from the hill villages, and stole a large herd of goats, as well as taking his oxen to eat.
“It is true, my lord Krillick, we took the oxen to eat. And we took the vegetables and fruit, as well. But we was starving and we tried to offer fair trade with stone and mageberries, the rare spell component that grows nearby our village. We paid for the vegetables and fruit…at fair market price…and he says oh, further near Dunthrane the price would fetch higher, and we best be off. So we threw him some gold and a little bit of dung and rocks, the gold a fair price for all of it, and we’s helped ourselves to the food, and ate his oxen for ourselves and punish him square. The wagons still off the road for him to come collectz.” The small hamlet owes the Duchy 120 gold over the course of a few years, though they will have help from the duchy granaries.

“Secondly, there is the matter of the tax collection, which has not come in over a month. Four tax collectors have dissapeared; rumoredly they worked for Duke Aimar or Lord Edrin is said, taking gold directly and skipping past the Duchy Tally. The King has claimed Aimar’s wealth to compensate as well as Edrins to help pay, but we are behind. I would suggest a Armor and Weapon tax, whereby 1 silver will be charged per month for a suit of armor and 1 gold a month per weapon of war. This will discourage, of course, further brigandry and quell a possible rebellion of the frustrated people. It will also place more power in the hands of the troops. What say you?” Refused.

“Lastly, a small group of Ilmatari curates and healers were accosted on the road, and three were killed by a number of peasant folk who cursed them after the Ilmatari offered their assistance to heal those harmed by a raid of gnolls and a giant, but the Ilmatari had refused to raise a hand in defense of the hamlet. They ask that they be given guard and the right to establish a shrine in the village. This will obviously enrage the people but it will honor the church of Ilmater.” The Ilmatari were granted allowance to build their shrine, and a Duchy guard placed there to enforce it.

Upon return to the Romholt, the Krii priest approaches Romsh.
“I received your message. Such broad training of the smokepowder weapon is forbidden outside of Lantan. I know you did not know of this, so I will forgive the boldness of your request. Perhaps though your four men at arms may be trained in the musket use; to you as well. And I have thought of your idea, and had the schemata drawn up for the axe, sword, and spear blade extensions for the muskets. This is a good idea; Gond blesses even the simplest professions like yours with his divine touch.”

“This lieutenant of yours, Boffer, is quite adamant that a Dwarven clergy be invited here as well, to learn from the Krii and to share in the endeavor of preparing this Barony for defensecraft. However, you should think about the current political situation; the Dwarves, Halflings and even Gnomes of this region, as well as Elves, are all seeming divided against the Humans. But, I have modified the ballistas to be double bolted; as well, the swivel platforms allow for 360 degree arcs of fire.” The lizardfolk shaman, Redeye, will be allowed to come and learn under Vicker.

“Korin and Duke Pwyll are due to meet soon; there seems to be a large contingent of enraged human nobles beginning to build banner behind the knight of Torm and the priest of Tyr I understand that you spurned. They saytthat this Lord Elorfindar fellow is remaining neutral, even if the Elves of Laughing Hollow have strongly allied with the Dwarves. If you are to interfere in this coming conflict on one side or the other, I would suggest that you prepare your militia. This barony has no standing armory. Considering there are over six hundred souls, a third of which can wield weapons and armor, perhaps it would be wise to make a large purchase of armor, weapons, and ranged implements of war. A number of ex-Zhentilar out of Darkhold have arrived; twenty seem to be sturdy and skilled warriors. As well, a number of a few humanoids have taken to the roadside. They have a motley assortment of family; there are perhaps thirty fighting adults. Unusual as there are two firbolg giants and one hill giant; some half-ogres, a ogre, a few orcs and even orogs. I suggest caution; we would not want to be seen as that you may harbor ANY possible evil intent.” The group of questionables were sent away.

“Your steward has some accounts requiring some justice. The first is a argument over land; a large crabapple tree bordered on one hamlet farm with another one of the same hamlet; but a greedy horse ate too much and died. The horse’s owner demands that he be compensated the 25 gold as value, and the 100 gold for the horse’s keeping all its life. But he chopped down the crabapple tree to keep any of his other livestock to eat, and the owner of the tree says that the loss of his tree makes them equal. He instead claims that for the loss, and the horse’s stupidity not being his fault, he be given the eldest daughter of the farmer to his own thirdson, along with the approriate dowry.” Depending on the choice Romsh takes, the orchard farmer will offer the eldest daughter to Romsh. (Wise choice for the love of the people, but poor one politically.) Romsh agreed and tooked the girl as his wife.

“You were out of town while here in the Hold a ox crushed a young toddler underfoot. The offending ox was owned by John Sebastion, who wishes compensation from you for 9 gold to purchase another ox, since the ox was not given a fair trial. The law of Chauntea, worshipped by many of the farmfolk, reads : “If an ox gore a man or a woman that they die, then the ox shall be surely stoned, and his flesh shall not be eaten.” John Sebastian blamed the child’s mother for her discrepancy, and claimed the soul of the child weighed on her heart, not his. His house was partially burnt and a number of vandal acts that not even Sherriff Doortap put a stop to.”

“Another case:
The Plaintiff: Potato, mandrake, and mushroom growers of Autun, hamlet of the Baron’s lanceloss.
The Defendant: Rats
The Charge: Burglary of potato – When the impudent rats failed to appear in court, a young lawyer of Tyr by the name of Chassenee from visiting Daggerford was appointed to defend the rodents. He seems determined to make a name for himself in court – Chassenee first argued that the case involved all the rats in barony, therefore they must ALL appear in the court – when they failed to appear in accordance with their summons, he argued that under the law, the rats were entitled to protection to and from court, so not appeared as they were scared of being caught by wild cats on route to court.
I suggest we retain this bold man for our future court cases against the Lord’s Alliance!” Yes, and it will cost 60 gold a month to retain his services.

“The town apothecary will speak on the behalf of a fourteen year old maiden in town who claims to have been raped by the captain of your mercenary forces. He returned the next morning after a bad exchange with the girl; apparently he paid her gold for her gift of the bedding but when he returned the next morning she refused him, and thus he desired the bedding and raped her. But no one is present who may make ruling; the girl and her father have sought refuge in Daggerford. Duke Pwyll will not make a ruling unless it is known you would not return. Shall we begin a proper court hearing?”
“I am a proper noble of my people. If I have done wrong, then my god will fail me in combat. Instead of court, I call upon anyone wishing to die to champion her cause. Or get out of my way and let me be on with my business.” The Black Company now answers directly to Romsh since he killed Ietos in noble combat.

Scene with King Korin and Pwyll. To the shock of onlookers, King Korin is wielding a axe merely with the name of the great Axe known as the Axe of the Dwarflords, but in gold. It signifies his desire to claim the axeblade. Bardic lore -20 reveals that legend bespeaks it can bring both greatness and doom, to whom, the wielder or its foes, or maybe even both. The gods are directly involved in such a artifact. Boffer will recount the tale of the axe for Romsh later.
Dunador noble coat at arms for Gardle, Alexjo, and Krillick. Do their men at arms and guard follow them around?
Scenes of Baron Romsh annexing further south?
The annexation attempt by Dunador…trade from the Golden Way to Waterdeep by a much faster and direct route? Failed by Krillick; priests and templars of Helm as well as the Waterdeep forces have made it clear the portal is owned by the Lord’s Alliance.
Ievos will offer that he may get a good bargain for a number of the Elven items he carries, but whether with him or his people, he will retrieve them unless the Elven people do not have use for them. As well, Ievos will recieve a visit from Elorfindar.
The Phull fishing village is completed; but to acquire fighting ships and even river to coastal cogs, Romsh can use his guild membership to go there to Waterdeep to purchase crew and ships.
To secure the coast further, an armada can be formed to travel down the coastline and eradicate some of the pirates preying on the trade around Waterdeep (adventure hook; probably bounties or allies; but the pirate villages as well as the pirate ships have to be dealt with)
Two months of gambling for Aaron
Wedding for Sarah: 640 gold to feed and serve the entire Barony; remove one henchmen. Particular training for her? She has Agriculture x2, Cooking x2, and Intimidation. She speaks common and Chondathan.
Weapons, armor, training for the Barony militia were purchased.


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