the Final Countdown

Log 8
...following the footsteps of the group.

This part of the story is told by Alexjo, during the wait for Romsh and Gardle to train…again. Their Elf companion had to slip away for his own business…which lends some to believe that the “scout” needs to pick up a few new talents, and found a worthy mentor for the right price.

“It took me a bit of work to catch up to the group, and get into the Laughing Hollow…what adventure found here, indeed! Not but hours after some of us had begun to sleep off the wine, Duke Pwyll came to rouse my companions. I was invited to tell some new tales to Lord Elorfindar, and spent two days out at his estate the few miles or so away from the Daggerford proper. I heard about the incident involving the Duke’s wife, and set out immediately after my friends, and into the Laughing Hollow. But no worries. The Headdress of Peaceful Contact seems to work pretty good, I talked my way past a group of angry centaurs. The Brotherhood has encountered some of the Baron’s men…they let three go, and three others got killed…they found a dead Dwarf, in a hollowed tree, and dispatched a number of ghouls. We are hot on the trail of Baron Agwain, who stole the Lady Bronwyn from the Ducal castle…and in the process, killed four of the Duke’s personal guard. I guess Duke Pwyll is pretty mad with the Baron, but how thats gonna play out…I dunno. The Baron is nobility in the Secomber region. But back to the fun tale…the party…”

“At the dinner invitation, after Gardle finished meditating over his incense…he called it, ‘finding inner power’, some sort of connection to the psionics we all must have…we met a number of the nobles, and notables, of the town. Sherlen invited us, but she was as out of place as we all were. We had a pleasant stay at Riving Shining tavern, but unless we land plenty more gold, we arent eating here often!”

“A pleasant party, with many new friends and acquaintances…but some troubling news, as well. Perhaps we will venture north once more. This fellow, Krakon, is making inroads to assembling a number of orcs to his banner. Divination has foretold that his likely attacks will be some of the towns along the road to Ten-Towns.”

“Krakon’s wizards are getting help from Luskan. They say that instead of riling up the Lord’s alliance and Waterdeep, maybe Iron Keep will get it…or at least, the Mirabar district of Luskan.”

Lord Sir Llewellyn Long-Hand, Duke’s master at arms
Sherlen Spearslayer, militia captain
Duke Pwyll, Duke of Daggerford
his sister, Lady Bronwyn, apprentice mage to Gwydion
Gwydion, the ducal wizard
Delfen Yellowknife, local wizard (he maintains a tower in the town proper)
Baergon Bluesword, half-elf priest of Tempus, captain of the 45 strong Waterdeep guard present since the Castle Dragonspear incidents in the distant and near past
Liam Sunmist, priest of Lathander
Bando the Lame, halfling priest of Tymora
Maerovyna, priestess of Chauntea
Korbus Brightjewel, Gnome jeweler and expert on magic items and rarities
Derval Ironeater, Dwarven weaponsmith, and owns a construction company in town
Sir Elorfindar, Sun Elf noble and long-time supporter of civilization in the region
~his sons and daughters,
Filarion Filvendorson, Elven rogue and the rumored ’thief’s guild’ of Daggerford, son of
Filvendor Lightfoot, a wizard/fighter/thief
Shalendra Dare-all, cavalier to Torm
Darfin Longwalker, Elorfindar’s heir, a mage/fighter
and lastly Elorshin Highthought, priest/mage in service to Tyr

Nemtar’s Wand
The wand that Gardle was given by his mentor has finally made contact with him. It is a wand with a emerald gem at the head, valued at 1200gp. It has the same stern charisma and tone that Nemtar has, as would be, as a “copy” of it’s creator’s personality.
It has INT of 14, and speaks Gnome and Orc
40PSP reserve for the user
Gives its user access to the Magnify Science
Item Lore 40%(as Bardic Lore)
Appraise at 14

Log 7
..storybook notes of Alexjo

From the penning of Alexjo:
We took to the road to go and guide the first of the Spring merchants up from The Way Inn to Daggerdale. A prosperous adventure, we encountered a band of werewolves, and bandits. The bandit lord, Jocko the Wily, was worth a hefty ransom, and we also defeated a rejected apprentice of the Hosttower Arcane, Atkin Stormcrow, who served the Archwizard of the North. I believe he had mastered only the third or fourth circle of magic (level).

His spellbook contained the following:
1st level: Alarm, Armor, Identify, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Summon Familiar
2nd level: Detect Invisbility, Mirror Image, Knock, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Invisibility, Alter Self
3rd level: Fireball
4th level: Polymorph Other
19 pages blank.

Meldar Farwander, merchant (and coward), the man who hired us to take his caravan to Daggerford, and beat the first Thousandheads Trading Coster in to the town.
Delora Sharpeye, his accountant and incredibly beautiful daughter…
Ian, Finn, and Dooley (mostly cowards, animal teamsters)

Meldar awarded us the Ring of Cantrips and the Eye of Traldar for seeing us through.

Log 6
...storybook notes of Alexjo

Gardle came to me, and told me of a dream he had…the same night he dreamt us away from Leilon, and we began the trip down to Daggerford.
“I was accosted in our dream travel by a illithid…much like the one in Romsh’s dream. He told me…‘You are to be, amongst only a few others, the head of a psionic nervous system for the larger band you are bonded to. Your essence, arguably souls, or spirits, are tied to the others in your group, those drawn to the Cutlass in Luskan. If you try to break away from your common destiny, you will decay daily into nothingness.
Your purpose will be revealed later, if you survive the coming years of preparation. The strong, those that have survived, that is…will enter the Underdark, and achieve victory over the beings dwelling deep within, or you will find death.
At the fourth layer of awareness (4th level),you will learn the convergence power. But, you will also learn how to share it with the others. You will also learn a small ability to teach them about their own abilities, as well.’ Wow, illithids are such asses.”

In Daggerford, we took some more training, and indeed the militia has offered us a great deal of training, for free, and some adventure oppurtunity. We now possess the Baron Kromm’s heraldic ring, given to us by his thankful and mourning wife, Baroness Piann, though it offers no title…the poor baron left no heir. I say poor, since we rode out to track down the lizardfolk that assaulted the Baron, of Kromm’s Hold. We met plenty of adventure in the Lizardfolk Marsh…but we made uneasy peace with a local Lizardfolk shaman of the Red Hide band, Redeye.

Lots of oppurtunity, working for Sherlen Spearslayer.

Log 5
...Heceuvah. Need I say silver?

From the penning of Alexjo:
Well, now that all that business with Peddywinkle was over…it was time to get to Leilon, and save my cousin Lucianna.
We had to stop and see my friend, Tachaendre Euinwood, of Kheldell. For about ten gold, paid to her parents, per item, Mystra has blessed her with the pure divination power to know any item she holds, magic or otherwise. We spent a good bit of gold, and her father will be happy for the next year, while she studied our collected magic. Kheldell’s wizard, Ghelkyn, was teleported to the spot, without his will, to defend her…Mystra’s surely touched that girl. Well, that sidetracked us a bit, but I thank my clan for the friendships they have made in the interior. What a boon to have a friend with such power!

In Leilon, we discovered that the “troll ghosts” werent troll ghosts at all, but heceuvah, the dead priests and priestesses of Loviatar that were trapped in the subbasement chapel when a army of templars of the churches of Torm, Tyr, and Ilmater came through, and levelled Loviatar’s bastion of pain. The town had sprung up around the destroyed monastery complex, and the temple forgotten. The beasts will prey no more on the innocent. But, alas, my cousin and her lover are no more. They are buried in the cemetary.
Leilon’s people of note:
Jim, the boy living on the corner of Manyclaws alley
Lord Palindor, paid 200gp reward to the group for cleansing the evil place
Lavai, local huntsman and lover to Lucianna, died with her in the subbasement
Lucianna, my cousin, bard turned priestess of Lurue, died at the heceuvah’s claws

We visited the nearby Place of the Unicorn, a fairy-tale place, calm and serenely beautiful. There, Alric said he met with Lurue, herself…and we rested, and healed our wounds inflicted by the heceuvah. I hope to visit there again.

A bard of some renown, Eric Northman, who had fought in the Dragonspear Castle war…he sold us a spellbook that his friend carried. A hefty 800gp and one of Romsh’s wheellock “horse pistols”, but it is a good spellbook I use now.
1st level: Read magic, Magic missile, Color spray, Charm person, Detect magic
2nd level: Melf’s acid arrow, Stinking cloud, Vocalize (Complete Wizard)
27 blank pages left.

Eric Northman also had something to say, when I asked about more adventure…
“Adventure? You’ll find it down with the militia of Daggerford. Friendly folk. Duke Pwyll offers lodging and training, for service. Loot earned on duty is divided fairly for the patrol or group earning it. It is a pleasant place, and militia duty can earn you a place in the citizenry. Lots of oppurtunity there. And plenty of untamed creatures, since all the fallout from that Castle Dragonspear business. The High Moor has goblinoids to fight, and the Lizard Marshes, all manner of beasts.”

So, thats where we headed. It helps that Gardle can dream us from one spot, and we go right to another!

Log 4
...End of Line.

Alexjo recounts the further story of the road to Ten Towns.

“Well, we met a few more beasts on the road. Ice lizards, hobgoblins, bugbears, orcs, and goblins…even a maddened ogre. We found a raided cart, and a stout Dwarf guard that had been killed. We collected a fair share of loot, even some magic. Dangerous road, that one.”

“Then, that group following us, one our psion, Gardle, could sense following us…they were upon us. It was led by Romsh’s mentor, and adopted parent…and they had some talking to do, themselves. Not much of it, those Luskanites are a vicious lot. Romsh brings a tingle of fear in me when I think about him, and I’m his friend even.”

“Peddywinkle revealed himself…and that we were going back to Luskan. I suppose that maybe the Arcane Brotherhood apprentice figured that they had to play it out, since Romsh had made a powerful friend of the high priest of Gond, the one that turned even the High Captain Taerl out on his ass and heading back to his house…the Brotherhood doesn’t like to interfere with priestly business, though I hear they stand up when priests try and dig in theirs. I guess its a matter of respect. I’d wager on a wizard any day to kill a priest but I figure theres the whole church the wizard has to contend with after that. Such is way of it, I guess.

Anyhow, that famed Drizzt, he came out of nowhere, with our new friend Alric, the druid of Mielikki. He was like a blur, hacking the wizards apart first, then helping us with the Red Brotherhood mercenaries hunting us down. So goes Peddywinkle. I forget the name of the Brotherhood apprentice he is…or was. All three of them vanished when Drizzt cut through them. Who knows.

Drizzt delivered us Alric, and he made a good bargain…he’d sell Peddywinkle’s food and wares in Ten Towns, and return to Haggash with the gold and knucklehead trout ivory that we’d make doing it ourselves to enrich Haggash…and lessen some of that anger. Seemed good enough for us, and we took our share of the loot, and our new friend Alric, the druid.

Seems Drizzt Do’Urden was out looking for that barbarian Krakon, the Uthgardt abandoned by his people, and taking up control over the orc hordes. Drizzt said that he was making use of wizards…Zhentarim maybe, Arcane Brotherhood, or who knew whoever else…wizards that were teaching the orc-kind battle magic, or some even allying with them. Krakon is seven feet tall, unmistakable with two boar’s tusks he studded in his own cheeks…a real nightmare of a human, to turn to a Orc god.

Romsh told Gardle, as well…he had a dream, of his dead orc mentor, and then the high priest of Gond…before looking deeper, he saw a illithid held together, all patchwork and steamworked, and magic keeping the old and dilapitated creature alive. It challenged him…something like this…
“I see a change in you, Romsh, that transpired with the Gondsman. Good, some intelligence showed, and that breaks the stereotype of your breeding, doesn’t it? Good. A step in forging a true weapon.”
The illithid holds up a mirror to Romsh, and Romsh finds himself looking into the mirror, while the dreamscape turns from the cold-blasted north to a sandy arena. Calmishan? Maybe. Now in a cell, just outside is a large arena, and within it, a powerful looking gladiator, with a net and trident. The warrior is known to Romsh; he is a master with the Trident, and thus far more likely to win in a martial test.
“Let us see if you are worthy of leading the fight for the others you have been fate bonded to.” The illithid holds up the mirror, for Romsh to see himself, and then he lowers it, offering up a blade hilt…a two handed sword clasped in the monster’s slimy, three-fingered taloned grip.
“Romsh…which is the better weapon? You have five minutes to prepare. Look upon your death…he is five times the warrior you are.”
Romsh takes the mirror. He studies it for a moment, and then takes the sword. Donning scaly armor, his shoulders thicken into the likeness of a cobra hood, a shimmer of white scalyness taking the half-orc’s hide, his skin toughening as if he was made of scale armor himself. Then he lays the warrior low with a psychic blast, and when the gate rises…Romsh steps forward to cut the weakened, fearful gladiator down.
“Good, Romsh. Know that with the power you have been given, no one can stand before you in single combat.”

Log 3
...Haggash, definitely worth a mention in the story.

The pass through the Spine of the World went uneventful, and Hundelstone was a pleasant break from sleeping on the cold ground. Haggash would have passed out of memory even easier except for the trouble we got into with the creatures known as Kenku. They were looking for that artifact of now-proven myth, the Waning Star. Odd thing about the Waning Star was that it affected all of us…and by us, I mean, everyone who had the vision or dream of the Cutlass those months ago. We all were greatly improved by it…to the limits of what is physically, or mentally possible for our races.

But I dont want to digress from the story. So, we found the Kenku were going to work and roughing up some of the locals to get shovels and pickaxes to dig up the Waning Star from where it had been hidden by a priest of Ilmater, Durham. Durham wanted to make a temple where all the gods of good could be worshipped, together…and just like you’d figure, it didn’t pick up. But the army that assembled around Durham didn’t last long, and many of the camp followers stayed on the very spot. That was how Haggash got started.

Some of the interesting people of note in the town, that we met (or heard of):
Tal, a failed wizard from Luskan, and his sister Assa’s family, run the inne.
Mayor Grandforth, the judge, mayor, constable, and overall pretty lazy, which seems to work for this little hamlet.
Derrik, runs the livery, and a retired officer of the watch from Everlund. He was willing to take action when Old Dreab got ruffed up by the Kenku for shovels. Derrik is a animal handler and trainer, and he’s a expert swordsmen, favoring a longsword.
Old Dreab, runs the overpriced general store, but the only one for hundreds of miles around.
Dosol, the cleric of Tyr that oversees the Morning Star Abbey.

Well, we drove the Kenku off, sure enough. But Ievos figured that we should have the Waning Star since Dosol could’nt protect it himself…and the Abbey sure didn’t do a good job at it. Except that by the third day of us possessing it…it just dissapeared, with the sound of a ringing bell, like all around us. Odd, that.

Log 2
...On the Road

“On the road to Ten Towns.
Encounter with wolves, bears, saw some wild horses…
Orcs and goblins, but easily dealt with.

We met with a unique being, a tall, sturdily built man that appeared completely encrusted, or made of, ice. He calls himself the Frost Man, and has befriended Romsh. The Frost Man does not know where he came from, or even how long he had wandered in the frozen wastes to the North of Luskan, but he seems trusting and sincere.
Romsh mentioned to me that the Frost Man would look out for us. I believe that we have made a odd friend…we found a few frozen hobgoblins on the road."


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