Items secured in Romhold


These items are in Romsh’s Hold until the group has use of them:

Sawtooth glaive (of the Nine Hells)
Jar of preserving (contains each group member’s elixir of revivification)
Money changer box
Eternal peanut
Bottle of preservation (contains Romsh’s sweet onion seed pouch)
Fang of the Nosferatu (dagger, possible curse to turn user into vampire?)
Mirrors: Black (use priestly command, and a spirit tells faithfully what it can); Truth; the Past; Enlightenment (All set up in ruling room of Rom Hold)
Sash of immolation (fire resistance helps to use with this; it affects everyone around the user in a five foot radius)
Orb of alignment (Boffer and the steward of Romsh use this to determine the aura of travellers and businessfolk dealing with the Hold)
Thasher, the intelligent and dancing scythe (owned by Boffer; he keeps it above the doorframe in his bedroom)
the Nekton fragments (book)


Items secured in Romhold

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