Victor Keybridge, Second of the Order of the Open Eye

Victor Keybridge (psion 7?) , serves his Master Silas Cromdell (psion 10), along with his cousin, Terrence; the two were awakened to psionic power during the Time of Troubles. They are members of the Order of the Open Eye. They are being paid handsomely by a number of adventurers and nobles who wish for their services; though they are conservative in what is known as a fearful sorcery even more dangerous than the Weave by which all arcane magic flows. Understanding is still so small about psionics; which have only truly come to be in great number since the TIme of Troubles. Notably to the brotherhood, they have encountered them as they assisted the Band of Necrofilliam, worshippers of Velsharoon; hired twice by Baron Agwain, and often employed to teach mental resistance. Their alignment is LN.

Mental resistance takes months to master, and Silas or Terrence require a very good living standard furnished for them while they teach it, and very step fees. It allows a saving throw vs spell -2 no matter the ability to resist, throw off the mental attack, and each round as well against maintained powers. However, the defender is so focused upon his mental defense he is penalized 2 AC, -2 to hit, and -2 to all saves (not comulative with the -2 in the beforementioned saving throw).

Victor Keybridge is Wis 17, Int 18, and Con 16. Of his items, he is known to have kumakawa leather armor, magic rings, weapons; and he has a Philosopher’s Stone. Victor Keybridge is a considerable alchemist of the region; the location of the Order’s monastery is unknown.


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Victor Keybridge, Second of the Order of the Open Eye

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