Richard Snowden

warrior-skald; an Illuskani Harper, last of the "Harping Hares" adventuring band.


Richard Snowden is the Harper for which baron Romsh can assume is tasked to watch the half-orc grand baron…closely. For magic, he is equipped with the magical Handharp, as well as the gifts of Dakkun’s leather armor +2, and a shield +1. He is good friends of the baroness ….., and introduced baron Romsh to the political ramifications to follow the squelching of baron Agwain. The insurgents being crushed, but a unspoken forgiveness to the other three barons who rose against Grand Baron Romsh, delivered in chains the Baroness was suppose to be harboring baron Agwain; and further playing into his evil scheming. However, for a number of his crimes and descent into evil, after serving the purposes of the baroness, she will no doubt conceive…and then eat her mate, as is common for the powerful weredragons.

He will be forever grateful, and as well to Dakkun for saving his life, for his getting rid of the Enemy of Bards, the longsword Shazzelim; though it was turned over the baroness, who may part only with the item for destruction when she grows bored of it. But that is another tale.


Being Illuskan, Richard had to seperate himself from his more violent roots to fit in with the Harpers; he is a successful harpist, however, and passed the tests set by the Harpers. Being CG in alignment, he is more interested in the results than the method; he was the last survivor of his band’s attempt to stop the evils of a manotaur who had dominated a band of minotaurs, and was terrorizing the lands outside of Bowshot and Liam’s Hold. Baron Romsh and his group dealt with the manotaur; and saved his life. His hip and leg were shattered, however, under the hooves of the beast; he walks with a unsteady gait.

Richard Snowden

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