"Chottle", the Flumph Prior

...yes, a flumph follower of Romsh...


Chottlefin Excarnius has pledged itself as a member of the Bonded Swords. A 4HD Flumph prior, it serves as a voice to the greater community of the world around the common Flumph gatherings and the central home of the Flumph mystics. Coming into the swamp to assist them, Romsh has earned the respect and loyalty of a enigmatic but powerful group of lawful, good allies in the form of the Flumphs.

Chottle cannot fly fast enough to keep up with anyone with a step wider than Gardle’s; as such, Romsh has slender chains with a large ring hanging now from the back of his Romhelm as well as his armor at the midback, for which Chottle may rise and fall to look with its eyestalks and manipulate its tentacles to form its spells. It is considered a lvl 4 priest; but the gods the Flumph worship are unknown and alien to humanoids.

Chottle seeks to adventure to collect magical items for its people. He can cast from the spheres Wards, Time, Thought, Sun, Law, Protection, Plant, Healing, Numbers, Guardian, Combat, Divination, Animal, All, and Charm. He will only ascend into third level spells if he follows into the role upon the Flumph master mystic’s passing.

Spells p/day:
1: 4
2: 3

Prepared spells:
1st: (2) Cure light wounds, Thought capture, Prot. vs evil
2nd: Charm person or mammal, Music of the spheres, Cure moderate wounds


See above.

"Chottle", the Flumph Prior

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