Baronet Lostogar Raomskill

baronet in service to Grand Baron Romsh


Lostogar is a aging knight, a devout worshipper of Chauntea, whom has 20 men at arms and within a day’s ride of Cromm’s Hold, now Romhold. At 62, while he is not as strong nearly as he was once, he is still a knight to be reckoned with. He recently took hold of Romsh’s wife for safekeeping, but was ‘waylaid’ by the countess and brought to the dungeons of her castle, along with his detachment of men at arms, under force and charm by the countess. He was angry and sorrowful at his loss of control, but once he understood that Romsh ‘made the countess understood of the situation, and the true Grand Baron made’, he marched away happily.

Lostogar is skilled with many weapons, though he is a cavalier. As such, he is best with his bastard sword, shield, horseman’s mace, and heavy lance. His armor is superb; and he is known as both a master with the bastard sword and heavy lance. (Ftr lvl 6).

His men at arms are armored with scale mail, axes or broadsword with shield, and daggers. Ten have medium lances and warhorse; the other ten have longbows, though all are mounted upon medium horse.


Baronet Lostogar Raomskill

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