Baroness Zilgrent of Calimshan

...Old Dragoness of the "were" persuasion


Startingly the group learned that the Baroness, thought to be in league with Baron Agwain and his contract writ to have Baron Romsh refuse the duties offered him, and indeed to progress his own claim to control of the lands south of Daggerford, indeed did ‘capture’ Romsh’s wife from Baronet Lostogar, and laid him and his men at arms out with paralysis darts and spells in a seemingly roguish and cowardly attack to kidnap the Baron’s wife, but she instead used it to lure Agwain wholly out into the light and reveal his evil heart.

As such, she explained her desire to mate with the Baron; and while the Grand Barony may think her treacherous and only recently defeated, greater powers know better. The love of her people is one such revelation; but known to the Harpers and Lord’s Alliance powers, she is a weredragoness. Harper agents often visit her, for sage advice and to keep track of her comings and goings; she is a creature of CG tendencies, and vast power. She took on the name Zilgrent after using a Calimshani prince some one hundred and fifty years before as a father for one of her many daughters; two of which, a juvenile and wyrmling, still reside with her now. Her people believe she has a nearly inexaustible supply of potions of everlife, or rejuvenation.

Gardle gave her gifts of the Lamp of multichromatism and the Throwing irons, for which they brought Baron Agwain to her in. The Baron will think her still sympathetic to him; when in fact, soon he will make a meal for her upon her conception of her next daughter.

A number of wonders were revealed, as they left the courtyard of her small reinforced manor and entered a rose-garden, a small pocket plane with bright, artificial starlight or a pink sky and warm sun; a endless garden seemingly in the same size it felt as the courtyard of the baroness’s manor. She showed first her Tree of wealth, then her collection of Yellow kohl pigments, which was being slowly painted upon a large stack of lead bars; a gift for the helping of the reunification of Tethyr. Then, her jar filled with pickled Eggs of Reason, for which Romsh tried two (and raised his intelligence by one point). She made gift from her hoard of a Buckle of AC +3 (for a thief), a Cage of carrying, a Black pearl, A Scarab of life for Vicker Gondsman, and the Phylactery of bravery (written to Tempus).

She identified the group’s items, and welcomed them to come and look into her library, for which she is a sage of no small skill; both in knowledge of Arcanology (which she mostly spends study of magic item history and their dweomer, not nearly so much as for spells) and also her knowledge of other Dragonkind; though she will only aid the group with knowledge of evil dragons.


Baroness Zilgrent of Calimshan

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