the Final Countdown

The a who?!?

The footsteps of the group echo louder here…as the obvious trail of the Baron, the nobleman who kidnapped Duke Pwyll’s sister, Lady Bronwyn, is easier to track here, it leads us closer towards obvious ambush. A quarter of the mile past the small clearing where the ghouls were obviouly released from the collapse hallway that must have been a rear exit from Illefarn, the terrain is rocky, sparse small trees and shrubs dotting what was once a Dwarven stone quarry.

Stepping out behind them, Lady Bronwyn grips Romsh’s shoulder, coming from near a bush, and obviously out of her invisibility spell.
The beautiful features of Lady Bronwyn seem marred by the saggyness of her eyes, a redness to them and a layer of sweat and the trail on her…but her noble garb seems untorn and certainly, not yet coerced from her. Baron Agwain could be many things, but a rapist certainly not. Stubborn, defnitely.
“I finally shook off that drug Agwain slipped me” she says. “I immediately turned invisible and left his camp, once my hands and gag were freed. I imagine he’s rather upset right now.”
Before doing much more than confirming her safety and that the Duke and another party of searchers were looking for her on the other routes to the Baron’s lands, the strong and deep bass voice of the powerful Baron Agwain rises as footsteps begin to pour all around them.
“I certainly am”, comes a voice from the bushes ahead. Three men step out…Agwain, and two of his men at arms. To the far left anterior view of the group, three others…a half-Elf and Dwarf, armed with the incredibly rare sunbolt metal javelins, two each…and shield, with sword and axe respectively. Their leader, standing between them, is a thin man in his young twenties, with intense green eyes, wearing leather kumakawa armor and carrying a magical staff. All three wear a baldric of their own…a open eye, staring outward.


In the following scene, the Baron challenged one of them to single combat…and Gardle stepped forward to accept the challenge, to the humor of some and chagrin to others. Using his psionics, he levelled the Baron’s ability to strike him…and after a few rounds of undecision, the Baron became overwhelmed with awe at “The Great Gardle.”

At first sight, the wild talents and Gardle felt the presence of a foreign voice in their heads, and briefly exchanged “pleasantries” with the psion. They learned that this one, Victor Keybridge, serves his Master Silas Cromdell, along with his psion cousin, Terrence; the two were awakened to psionic power during the Time of Troubles. They are members of the Order of the Open Eye. Currently, their two guards and the three psions are being paid handsomely to assist the Band of Necrofilliam, worshippers of Velsharoon. There came no conflict, since the Baron offered his own challenge…and lost, to Gardle.


“Ah, so great and powerful you are…I submit to your mercy, powerful Gardle. As is my code, I will turn over my blade, and all the other treasure I have accumulated in my adventure, as is your right to take.”
“My sword, the Elven blade called Blackflame…”
3x pinches of Sand of Truth
the Talking Skull
Aromatic Smoking Pipe
3x slingstone of pulverizing
1x slingstone of impact
the Leaf of Colors
a number of Ioun stones
Boots of Carrying
the Globe of Cirulon


The group’s return is marked by quiet gratitude, so as not to rouse the questions or emotions of the populace at the loved Lady Bronwyn’s “dissapearance” for those few days…and since no one but some of the Baron’s men has come to harm, the Duke is contemplating what action to take against the Baron.

However, his gratitude is great. Since Baron Cromm’s wife has abdictated her position and left for Waterdeep to rejoin her family, the Duke has the desire to place someone in position to his service, someone trusted and reliable…and perhaps even, a traveller rare enough to allow the Duke to expand in his own fashion towards the Lizard Marsh. The group has elected to take the Duke up on his offer…and in three weeks time, a feast held for Romsh will welcome him as both a Knight of Daggerford and entitled gentry as successor to Baron Cromm.

Romsh has some shopping to do…as well as needing Baron Cromm’s ring, he’ll need to buy his own and create a heraldic symbol for his men at arms tabards. And he’ll need some lessons from Alexjo in proper etiquette. He’ll have alot of work to do in the future, to prepare Cromm’s Holding, the three villages of a hundred or so peasants in the service to Baron Cromm’s household, of five servants and the remaining four men at arms.

In addition, Gardle and Iaevos are now real estate title holders, for two cottages within the Daggerford walls.
Now, its high time they began to train.



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