the Final Countdown

The tribulations of time

After the encounter with the ghost ship “Fortunate Son”, a troubling event took place during the planning of the Phull family seizure of a minimum of at least three cogs, which they will use for fishing. While the Green Hart will transport Alexjo’s Dunadorian men at arms, and Alexjo’s ship to guard the Phull’s Storm’s Ketch, the group will travel to Lathtarls Lantern to hunt down captain Vek of “Daisy Slim”, a drakkar, and the two Luskan longships alongside them.

While at Romhold, the Brotherhood met with a number of notables:
Duke Pwyll, who informed Romsh of his absorption of an adjoining Barony, and suggested ( a gentle command) that upon his return from his adventures, that he travel the road to visit his new subjects. A Dukedom was promised to him, if Duke Pwyll can be raised himself to a Lord of the Alliance. That would imply that Waterdeep recognize his holdings as vast enough to be worthy of note.
Uncle Talbano
a representative of the Starr Protective Services, for Zaranda Starr of Tethyr, Cassandra Arunsun, who asked of Gardle…“Will you send your men at arms, those of your own standard, to aid us? Or will you come yourself, when the time is right?” The men at arms were offered each four gold per month per person, and so took their leave of Gardle.
Eddard Phull of Romsh’s fishing village
Captains Gob Jim and Jonathan Frakes

Outside the back window of the main hall room, Romsh heard the beautiful Sharran priestess he had turned down twice before, call out instead in a gravelly, cold voice:

“Romsh!!! Romsh!!!! I have a message for you, but you aren’t going to like it.
This thrice time I give you a gift from Shar, who reigns supreme of night.

No Bear Cloak shall warm you (Cloak of the Bear that Gardle owns)
No Bands shall give you might (Ievos/Alexjo’s Bands of Might)
No Shrines shall liven you (Romsh’s connection to the Shrine of Nevron severed)

The Barony of Romsh was mine of olde
It shall be mine again
Allow my priestess to teach you
Why you shall fear the night

You have met my chimera
You have met my curses
Next you will meet my hounds, Gondson

Pray to Gond to bring Wonder
Pray to Selune to bring shine
These lands are not yours
They have always belong to mine

Through divination, Romsh has discovered that the priestess lvl 10 of Shar is Krishina of the Stormcrows. She seeks to subvert the barony to the worship of Shar, and is served…or serves Shar with…a large Shadow dragon. By their divination 5 temples should be erected around the place of olde, a ancient temple complex which has sunk into time and the murk of the Lizard Marsh. Somewhere deep within it, the ancient Ophidians, a sect of which kept Shar’s secrets, sleep the eons away…and await to rise from their slumber.



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