the Final Countdown

The sword coast can be sharp...

The Phull cog carrying the shipwrights and equipment and raw materials which would be used to secure the cogs, as many as possible to limp back to Rivercrest in the Barony of Romsh, set out under guard by the two ships belonging to the Brotherhood. The journey for them began apart, and would end apart…though success inevitably resulted in Daisy Slim, Captain Vek’s longship with 60 salvaged Oars of rowing (rumoredly taken from a sunken Elven ship out of Evermeet’s defense fleet) to now lay on the shore of Baron’s Lancing, a village along the river, the same where the Baron was laid nearly dead by a lance strike. As well, two cogs fly the Baron’s standard, though they are in drydock at Waterdeep, in long-term storage and repair.

The Phull fishing fleet greatly enhanced, will be able to produce more…but Baron Romsh’s search for the Gondcannons has come to a end. Rumoredly the base of the High captain of Luskan he hunted was raided not a second tenday after the Baron and his party dissapeared by unknown means from Lathtarl’s Lantern; a ship rising from the sea, and a number of Gnomes overtaking the captain’s ship, turning the Gondcannons to slag and stealing away. The Lantannese underwater ship was a rumor for which to strike fear in the hearts of reavers, and now is confirmed to exist.

With much of the Brotherhood’s interests occupied now in Tethyr in support of Zaranda Starr, no one can say what happened to Gardle, Essom, Alexjo and Romsh except their strange dissapearance. Ievos occupied himself with freeing a number of Elven slaves, and returned with Darkskins to the Barony; where Duke Pwyll has rumoredly begun to secure Secomber and Julkoun as extension of his Duchy; and turning over much of the southern territories into the service of Baron Romsh. Baron Agwain, once embroiled in a conflict with the adventuring band, is heard to be visiting some of the villages, to rouse their elders and mayors to petition to his Barony instead; and doing so with armed guard. A single clash of steel left one of Agwain’s men with a broken leg from a Dwarvish hammer, but nothing more has come of it.

The bells of chaos ferreted captain Zek’s entourage as well as some members of the Brotherhood away. The captain and a number of minor wizards and warriors, the ensorcelled templar of Clangeddin Silverbeard, Marshter of clan Boulderclaws, who once was known to dwell in the far North; and the warrior Apoc Pendergast, who wielded a Serrated glaive, taken from the NIne hells, played hit and run and vicious bloodsport, usually losing but always snaking away, in the distant Sunset Mountains. For a month the Brotherhood dodged trap and creatures friendly and foul to hunt down the Captain, who’s teleport magic could not take more than himself. Seeking out the Temple of pain, a lair of a medusa who had fallen to worship of the god Set, Captain Vek hoped to escape into a portal which would put him a day outside of Waterdeep. He allied himself with Vallasta, the medusa, and her mate Chaolosh. The medusa and her grimlock minions were locked in a death struggle with a colony of grell.

The encounter with Vallasta proved her undoing as her greed invited her close to the group; close enough to reach for magic items which would be exchanged for her allowance of the Brotherhood to enter her lair and finally capture the elusive captain Vek. She did make some understanding to them of the further nature of the bells; and her own contact with the wizard Dyr, who had enspelled her with magic centuries before; though only until the past short year her power growing steadily. As she rose from the ground to collect the toll for passage, she witnessed herself in the sight of Romsh’s reflective, highly polished armor; and turned to stone.

In the small lair, Chaolosh was encountered again, but he parley’d and was allowed his life; as well, a Glyptar was captured in a leather pouch by Essom. Lastly encountering captain Vek and his two companions, the mellee was harsh and quick; first Alexjo being slain by the templar and then the Dwarf smashing Romsh’s hipbone and leg, the crumpled half-orc then bashed into the head; both dying while Essom and Gardle made last work of the Dwarf and deactivated the Sandglass of Fiery End, a item which is turned upside down and the words “Embers to Inferno” spoken, lending a terrible (10d6) fireball (half fire, half force) of double size to erupt, destroying the item and everything nearby in its wake. Captain Vek escaped, however…



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