the Final Countdown

Ranging far from the Brotherhood...

Ievos has plenty of time at the Scrivener’s Guild in Waterdeep for his own personal notes; compiled and sent often back to his superiors in Evermeet; hopefully for his mentor’s approval. He has heard nothing from him since his mentor left the island in search of the Craulnober Moonblade; but this is not unusual. Some members dissapear for a century; others abandon quests for a while for other pursuits, or some never return at all, for various reasons. Such is the Elven way.

The search for the lost Elven tome describing the wards and mythals of the Illefarn mythal, defended by the Dwarves and crafted by the Elves far before the rise and fall of the Kingdom of Man, was set upon by the Gold Elvish Lord Floshin. He set Ievos upon the task, which would take him to the nearby kingdom of Tramilar, a small hold a few hundred miles northeast of Illefarn. In the past decade a terrible plague swept through the area, reducing the populace by nearly a half.

For the trip to collect the book, which was known only to Floshin as somewhere in Tramilar proper, Ievos decided to invite Romsh. Romsh took along his trusty Dwarf companion Boffer Ironeater, and three set out. Their first encounter took them to a crumbling tower, and upon a plot not fully ever realized by them. However, they rescued the Princess Ariella, and slew a hill giant, half-orc fighter named Harak, a number of goblins, and a young wyvern in the process.

Continuing forward through the treacherous and dark, foreboding Dreadwoods, they evaded a goblin town and found shelter in the Dreadwood’s cottage of the elder and blind druid Kesryk. The goodly druid allowed them to stay for the evening, sharing stories and revelry. The next day, they encountered a number of large spiders, intent on making feast of the good (but cowardly) bard Rhodoban. The bard told them of some the dangers to anticipate ahead, as they strove to return the irritating Princess Ariella home to her father; and weaved a tale of their travels in the Dreadwoods to Tramilar, including the secrets of the Gloombarrow.

The group came to a wooden bridge, crude but spanning a river needing crossing to approach the plateau of the kingdom and find the Passage Road home. The self-proclaimed King of the Forest, a Ranger (5) named Marle, challenged Romsh to a test of skill with quarterstave, with the intention to drive the other into the water. The King lost, and thusly allowed them passage; but not before offering them lunch and rest. While there, Romsh offered Marle a place in his own Barony, to which the Ranger eventually acceded.

Marle’s story was one of sorrow; the differences between the rights of the commoner vs gentry. Princess Ariella’s brother accused him of leading him astray and nearly the loss of his life, guiding him into a thicket by himself with wild boar during a hunt. The matter was merely over the fact that the prince disputed that the ranger need help him; Marle’s story of saving the errant and foolish prince by slaying the dangerous boar himself did not please the selfish and vain, evil prince; who instead concocted that he slew the boar himself, and without help…nay, nearly death by the callous King’s Forester. Marle, instead of facing court which might have even ended in his death, exiled himself to the Dreadwood.

Narrowly avoiding a horde of goblins and hungry trolls, the group escaped into the Gloombarrow. A place for the Deathless Lord, Cormot, a mage of the 9th circle (9th level), the alchemist had crafted a necromantic potion which stalled death, while he tried to attain the power of a lich. Thankfully they avoided the Lord and some of his more powerful minions in the Gloombarrow, finding a secret passage out. Once they followed the tunnel to the surface of the plateau, the Court Wizard Numis and a few of the guards arrived on site, to take custody of the Princess. In gratitude, Numis gave Ievos the book that he had set out for, and invited the small party to Tramilar Castle for a feast in their honor.

On the road home, and to deliver the book to Lord Floshin, the three encountered two Dwarven adventures; Sons of the Allfather, or at least, part of their company, two twins. One Axel and one Dungrin Bedrock; the famed Bedrock Brothers. With some help Ievos managed to garner one spell and the promise of more from Axel, who uses Dwarf rune to write out his arcane spells; the first of his kind, a Dwarven wizard! A theurge, Axel combines the worship of the Dwarven god of adventure, Marthammor Duin, and his study of arcane magic while…at that time…his inborn talent of Spellfire revealing itself by sapping away all magic he tries to cast. Ievos offered a salve and showed the two Bedrock brothers how to find healing mushrooms nearby, and the promise of friendship. Boffer seemed particularly happy to meet the Thunder Blessed adventurers.

the druid Kesryk (5)
Marle, King of the Forest (5)
Court Wizard, Numis (7)
Baskillion, Captain of the Guard
Moira, chambermaid
Prince Alfinor, evil heir to the throne
Mottle, dubious Dwarven court jester
sickly King Ormath the Just
Father Graelis, fat and cordial priest of Lathander (4)



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