the Final Countdown

Log 7

..storybook notes of Alexjo

From the penning of Alexjo:
We took to the road to go and guide the first of the Spring merchants up from The Way Inn to Daggerdale. A prosperous adventure, we encountered a band of werewolves, and bandits. The bandit lord, Jocko the Wily, was worth a hefty ransom, and we also defeated a rejected apprentice of the Hosttower Arcane, Atkin Stormcrow, who served the Archwizard of the North. I believe he had mastered only the third or fourth circle of magic (level).

His spellbook contained the following:
1st level: Alarm, Armor, Identify, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Summon Familiar
2nd level: Detect Invisbility, Mirror Image, Knock, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Invisibility, Alter Self
3rd level: Fireball
4th level: Polymorph Other
19 pages blank.

Meldar Farwander, merchant (and coward), the man who hired us to take his caravan to Daggerford, and beat the first Thousandheads Trading Coster in to the town.
Delora Sharpeye, his accountant and incredibly beautiful daughter…
Ian, Finn, and Dooley (mostly cowards, animal teamsters)

Meldar awarded us the Ring of Cantrips and the Eye of Traldar for seeing us through.



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