the Final Countdown

Log 6

...storybook notes of Alexjo

Gardle came to me, and told me of a dream he had…the same night he dreamt us away from Leilon, and we began the trip down to Daggerford.
“I was accosted in our dream travel by a illithid…much like the one in Romsh’s dream. He told me…‘You are to be, amongst only a few others, the head of a psionic nervous system for the larger band you are bonded to. Your essence, arguably souls, or spirits, are tied to the others in your group, those drawn to the Cutlass in Luskan. If you try to break away from your common destiny, you will decay daily into nothingness.
Your purpose will be revealed later, if you survive the coming years of preparation. The strong, those that have survived, that is…will enter the Underdark, and achieve victory over the beings dwelling deep within, or you will find death.
At the fourth layer of awareness (4th level),you will learn the convergence power. But, you will also learn how to share it with the others. You will also learn a small ability to teach them about their own abilities, as well.’ Wow, illithids are such asses.”

In Daggerford, we took some more training, and indeed the militia has offered us a great deal of training, for free, and some adventure oppurtunity. We now possess the Baron Kromm’s heraldic ring, given to us by his thankful and mourning wife, Baroness Piann, though it offers no title…the poor baron left no heir. I say poor, since we rode out to track down the lizardfolk that assaulted the Baron, of Kromm’s Hold. We met plenty of adventure in the Lizardfolk Marsh…but we made uneasy peace with a local Lizardfolk shaman of the Red Hide band, Redeye.

Lots of oppurtunity, working for Sherlen Spearslayer.



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