the Final Countdown

Log 3

...Haggash, definitely worth a mention in the story.

The pass through the Spine of the World went uneventful, and Hundelstone was a pleasant break from sleeping on the cold ground. Haggash would have passed out of memory even easier except for the trouble we got into with the creatures known as Kenku. They were looking for that artifact of now-proven myth, the Waning Star. Odd thing about the Waning Star was that it affected all of us…and by us, I mean, everyone who had the vision or dream of the Cutlass those months ago. We all were greatly improved by it…to the limits of what is physically, or mentally possible for our races.

But I dont want to digress from the story. So, we found the Kenku were going to work and roughing up some of the locals to get shovels and pickaxes to dig up the Waning Star from where it had been hidden by a priest of Ilmater, Durham. Durham wanted to make a temple where all the gods of good could be worshipped, together…and just like you’d figure, it didn’t pick up. But the army that assembled around Durham didn’t last long, and many of the camp followers stayed on the very spot. That was how Haggash got started.

Some of the interesting people of note in the town, that we met (or heard of):
Tal, a failed wizard from Luskan, and his sister Assa’s family, run the inne.
Mayor Grandforth, the judge, mayor, constable, and overall pretty lazy, which seems to work for this little hamlet.
Derrik, runs the livery, and a retired officer of the watch from Everlund. He was willing to take action when Old Dreab got ruffed up by the Kenku for shovels. Derrik is a animal handler and trainer, and he’s a expert swordsmen, favoring a longsword.
Old Dreab, runs the overpriced general store, but the only one for hundreds of miles around.
Dosol, the cleric of Tyr that oversees the Morning Star Abbey.

Well, we drove the Kenku off, sure enough. But Ievos figured that we should have the Waning Star since Dosol could’nt protect it himself…and the Abbey sure didn’t do a good job at it. Except that by the third day of us possessing it…it just dissapeared, with the sound of a ringing bell, like all around us. Odd, that.



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