the Final Countdown

Adventure log, Illefarn, vol. 1

...from the memoirs of Ievos

The character’s entered Illefarn in what must have been the entrance from the quarry to the workshops area. There, they encountered a grisly scene of what must have been Wartsnak’s orc patrol killing two valiant Dwarves, which took five goblins into death with them. The group slew two wargs, five orcs, and three goblins. In seaching the bodies, they found more magic.

Around the corner, they encountered a nightmare as they were recovering from a pit trap. Moving forward they ran into a fledgling apprentice necromancer, and his manticore ally…and with a flick of its tail at Romsh, the Baron was slain. The group subdued the manticore and their Elven scout looked forward, securing a secret portal and, if not for the spell of the barbarian priest of Tempus, two bugbears would have ambushed the group.

The Battleguard quickly slew one bugbear, and his brother, Veshnik, surrendered after being beaten soundly for his magic. Veshnik has grudgingly allied himself to the Battleguard, and will remain in this section of the dungeons as their wary acquaintance. Alexjo the gypsy and Alric the druid follows the group, but a recent rumbling sent the two adventurers rushing towards the open doors…and Aexjo made it in, where Alric did not, and the landslide and collapsing doors seems to have sealed Illefarn once more.


While the Elf and Gnome set up their cottages in town, Alexjo has been busy making a name for himself as the local bard. Alric has been making friendly with the local woodland natives, and assisting the farmers. Strangely enough, in this part of the realms within the sight of distant Illefarn mountains, the land is bountiful even out of season. And Romsh has been busy, settling his affairs in order for his upcoming Barony.

Soon, letters arrive for Alexjo, Gardle, and Silverhand:
“The bearer of this letter, _____ , is a man at arms of Daggerdale, given full citizenship in the Duchy of Daggerdale of the Lord’s Alliance. The tithe and tax of 24 gold for position and 6 gold for property shall be accessed one year hence and following thus, and the aforenamed man be given the respect due my man at arms.
1367, Mirtul the 30th,
Duke Pwyll of Daggerdale.”

Later in the week, the ceremony of ennoblement takes place.
Firstly, some of the local nobles and powerful figures extoll the deeds of Baron Cromm. Baron Cromm was a self-made noble, a powerful adventurer who participated in a great number of skirmishes and battles, from the far off Horde wars recently, the siege of Dragonspear Castle, and other such adventures.
Then, a ceremony of remembrance and the funeral gift-giving to the Baron’s wife, as well as a chest of silver and gold from Duke Pwyll.
The Baron’s wife then stands beside Duke Pwyll, and speaks:
“The adventurers, the Brothers of the Bonded Sword, came and avenged my fallen husband and secured the people of my barony against further harm by killing and driving off the perpetrating lizardfolk. Romsh has made friendly contact with Redeye, the shaman of a local tribe…and prevented further escalation in his sally into the marsh.
In this, the half-orc Romsh of Luskan has proven that his mettle can rise above his heritage and the city of the North has no more sway over him; he is a true hero, and distinguishing himself, has earned my husband’s signet ring. The blessings of my house, Urmbrusk of Waterdeep (Whos who in Waterdeep, page 28, specializes in moneylending and merchanteering)I bequeath as I stand in stead for my uncle Halam, who could not be here.”

After that, Duke Pwyll waves Romsh forward.
“Romsh and his companions have served for months now in the Daggerford militia, and Sherlen Spearslayer speaks highly of them all. My Master-at-Arms, Lord Sir Llellwyn Longhand, speaks highly of his skill with the two-handed sword, and he is a Wonderbringer of Gond with those odd weapons he wields. They guided Lady Bronwyn home in escort as of late, making great impression with her and I…and they saved a caravanner, one of our local favorites, Meldar Farwander, from certain harm by bandits, ruffian humanoids and even a pack of werewolves. Thank you, all…

But for Romsh, of Luskan, now I call you free of your duties as a militiaman and, due to your service, charge you only, as a citizen of Daggerdale, to uphold a oath to always protect your people, and care for them as a noble should act under the code of the Lord’s Alliance, and that always you and your heir shall give fealty to the Ducal ruler of Daggerdale.

A sherriff I shall pick to be appointed to watch over Ducal matters in your Barony. The matter of religion, produce, production, and trade are yours, but your tax code thusly must abide by Daggerdale standards…"

As pomp begins to turn to the litany of legal matters, the earth shakes and the north and south walls of the small town began to shatter and crumble, the cieling of the Duke’s Hall comes crashing downward. Going to various stations to help, the Bonded Swords save Derval Ironeater’s brother, Dervin Stonecarver, and his two sons trapped under the wall they were working upon. The characters make avail of themselves in lieu of going out to search for the trouble on their own.

Later that night (truly, early morning at around 3 AM…) a Elven messenger arrives from King Melandrach, and he wants only to speak to the Bonded Swords.
“The Great Earthshaking has caused much destruction in the hollow. Trees have fallen, dryads have died, the nixies lake has drained half away. A stream of poison runs from the mountain and through the plateau to the river, but there are dozens of small tributaries above and belowground, sprung from Illefarn.
The earthquake was centered in a hill just on the border of Laughing Hollow. There were rockslides, and a large crack opened up in the rock face. From out of this crack pours a stream of bile-green water that I tell you goes to the Shining River, and will poison your duke’s lands soon enough…already on the way I saw livestock dead by the water.
The earthquake breached the embankment between the Hollow and the river, letting the stream meet with the river. Around the streambed, there is death. My king asks you to help stop this river of poison.”

The council approved of their mission to Illefarn, and sallying forth, they were stopped at the gates by Derval Ironeater. “This will help, it will show you are known as friendly to us…my brother is within Illefarn. Please take this with you, it is a symbol of my friendship. You may find it useful in the deep.” Derval bows, and speaks no more of why the Dwarves would be there in the ancient, abandoned Dwarfhold. The symbols are amulets in the shape of a Dwarven hammer.

Travelling to the plateau of “good grass”, the Brotherhood meets King Mellandrach. He looks to them, shaking his head sadly. “I fear that my followers and I are too used to the open sky to be able to breathe beneath the mountain. We are not creatures of earth and darkness, and I fear we would be more of a hindrance than help to you. If we could make such a trip, I assure you we would have never sent for you. We would have marched bravely into the shadows, as our ancestors did, to fight the Dark kin so many centuries ago.”

However, reinforcements have arrived. Baergon Bluesword has come with Krillick Morningstar, transported there via mass teleport by Duke Pwyll’s ducal wizard, Gwydion. Baergon introduces Krillick, but that is unncessary…since the Fate Bond, and vision of the Cutlass and of each other, draws all of the Bonded Swords together.



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