the Final Countdown

Agwain, Weredragons, and Flumphs oh my!!!

Meeting with Agwain, it was clear that he had collected a number of small Barons with the intent to wrangle power into their own hands, but Agwain seemed the perpetrator; and in league with the Countess, who had kidnapped from the Baronet Lostoagar, Romsh’s wife. However, things did not go well once Romsh sprung the trap that Agwain had set; pitting three hired Calimshani assassins to strike, and Agwain began to lose control. Inside the inne they met with Agwain at, chaos and violence struck outward; all the while the hired Victor Keybridge exchanged mental salvos with Gardle.

Within minutes Gardle and Victor left it at a draw; with the price of 2000 gold levied against Gardle by the psion to leave the tenebrous situation. Both Agwain and Romsh were reduced to staggering wounds; and outside, Romsh’s castellan ordered a failed volley of musket fire, and two minutes of intense combat that thankfully ended in little bloodshed. The spoils, aside from the magic items the group collected, were left as loot and payment, some taken by the locals and others by Romsh’s men at arms; and the other Barons sent to the winds. To get his wife back, Romsh brought Agwain along in a prisoner exchange to the Countess.

Loot from Agwain and his men at arms, hirelings and followers:
Bottle of refreshment
Crystal unicorn / Snuff box of platinum and gold / Dwarf-face goblet of garnet (taken from Manotaur)
Bone of animation 182
Seeds of growth 1040
Band of healing (Elven), which was donated to the priest of Lathander in town, Liam Sunmist of Daggerford
Cloak of Lathander, Amulet of Lathander; both donated to the priest of Lathander, Liam Sunmist, in Daggerford
Ilbratha, 2-hand sword, claimed by Dakkun
2 potions of curing
Elquillar 1364, claimed by Dakkun

However, the plans culmination was all a ruse for the Countess, in fact a weredragoness of
great age with her two daughters living in close proximity. She revealed her true form, which is very closely reminiscent of a Bronze dragon, in the customized demiplane attached to a slender portal in her rose gardens. Agwain was led away by Gardle’s magical chains, which were traded to the Countess for some favor of her own givings, and it was obvious as she led the group through her private sanctum that weredragon’s share the Dragon love for magic items as much as they crave their treasures.

First, she showed Romsh her garden’s centerpiece; a Tree of wealth which has a Seed gem at the base worth over 13,000gp, a bright and near-perfect, large ruby.

She also has a number of yellow kohl pigments, which are being painted over a number of iron trade bars; she intends on supporting future Queen Starr of Tethyr through financial means in the moment, funding the vast supplies that the people of the nation need, beleaguered in its civil war.
Romsh tried two of her pickled Eggs of reason; she had over a dozen of them. His intellect grew from the second egg; but he tempted fate no more after that.
To Dakkun, in exchange for the sword known as Bane of Harpers, she gifted a buckle of AC +3, usuable only by thieves.
A Cage of carrying
the Black pearl (804)
the Scarab of life (1057), which Romsh later gave to Vicker Gondsman
the Phylactery of bravery, which the group decided should go to Dakkun. It is written in words calling for the blessing of Tempus.

All in all, the group made a friend in the Countess; though they were charged to keep her secrets and leave her mostly uninvolved with more mortal matters of the surrounding countrysides. However, they can call on her as a contact as Sage lore for both Magic items and as well for Dragonkind.

She also had some advice for Romsh:
“A priest of Talos and a number of following cultists have entered your swamp, Romsh. We think they are converting the Lizardfolk. The Harpers are glad that you have the strength to handle the trouble at your backdoor…”

Once back in Romhold, Romsh met with the flumph prior, Chottlefin, who pledged his service to Romsh and his people if a village can be made for the flumphs on the edge of the swamp, and some protection offered them, from further lizardfolk raids; they have lost six of their folk in the past month, for no other reason than to destroy. The peaceful Flumphs harm no one and have no alterior motives for anything that they do; the creatures are mostly left in peace to preach about the dangers of evil in the multiverse; a greater set of evils lurking at the fringe of the universe they have no truely specific knowledge over. The Flumphs are LG in nature; they peacefully hunt small rodents and creatures.

Along the way to travel to the Flumph village, the group encountered a number of Campestri (singing, salt-filtering fungi that are humorous and can cause drunken-like stupors and a natural, slow-spell like ability; they took particularly to the conjuror Essom, and ride with him atop his magic carpet, singing ‘Calimshani nights’ and the ‘March of prince Ali’.

The group settled with the Flumphs; staying with them for two days and nights, studying their mud-daub art and the secrets of the universe, time and thought, sharing philosophies and religion with the Flumph abbot; Romsh promised them a village just behind his own castle.

The encounter with Redeye, the shaman leader of the advanced lizard folk which have dominated the Lizard marshes, went something like this:
You enter the swamps, and as it grows thicker in vegetation and pockets of morass, mist rises and forms about you, obscuring your vision to perhaps six or seven feet. It seems natural, but of course, how could it have formed as such. Redeye then appears before the single file group leader, Romsh:
“I thank you for giving me time to prepare the Lizardman princes; as well, the education with Vicker the Krii; and the number of simple arms, armor, and trade goods you have provided. I thank you for introducing me to the wonders Gond has shared, but alas for you, I have shed worship of Semyuana, the World Serpent; Talos is now my god. Now perhaps you will be thankful that you built those stockades around your hamlets. I fear tonite, a Lizard King will be made. That is a terrible night for you; the Lizard Kings must devour a human or other such being once a week. A King will be made. You will even help me, tonite!

Your ranger I have witnessed, so too adventurers, and now this meddling priestess of Shar. Soon your subjects will be upon our dinner plates, Romsh. The Swamp swallows up all that are unfit for it; like Cromm, so will you be."

He pauses and regards you: “I have enjoyed our conversations, Grand Baron Romsh. However, I have one last thing to tell you…onions, even magical ones, are meant to smell bad. Goodbye, Romsh…I hope we will not meet again, for your sake.”

40 Lizardfolk attack, with clubs, spears, javelins, and shields; as well as 4 Lizardolk princes (as King in entry); and one of Redeye’s Gorgosauruses rushed forward. Marly was teleported away by Gardle, who took a major artery cut in the sawing teeth of the beast. Romsh, Chottlefin and Dakkun survived, backing up and quickly cutting back to the Romhold. Only after were they able to push forward with Essom in tow this time, and without much incidence aside from some troublesome dinosaurs, meet with the Flumps.



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